The Andalusian courtyard, a jewel heirloom

Geranios Andaucía

You can find it at the very heart of the typical Arabic-Andalusian house. The Andalusian courtyard, a merging of Roman and Arab architecture, remains to be a symbol of the Andalusia’s identity.

Originating in the pre-Christian era, the courtyards were conceived with a practical functionality in mind, but soon acquired importance for the Muslims, incorporating rich details to its design. It became a representation of the owner’s hospitality and wealth.

Water, a sign of purity for the Muslim religion, became the centrepiece in the courtyards. Thus, fountains represented a home’s heartbeat. Today, the Andalusian Courtyard remains to be a key architectonic element, offering shelter from the high temperatures and suffocating summer heat, thanks to the shadow, water and freshness it offers.

Patios andaluces

A place for rest and a meeting point, the Andalusian courtyard can also be found at public places. It is the case with some of our Vincci Hotels, where you can find out more about this architectonic jewel.

Perhaps the more representative example can be found at the Vincci Hotel La Rábida in Seville, designed over a XVIII Century palace. The courtyard is an unique, welcoming and light space, an oasis of tranquillity in downtown Seville.

The courtyard includes a modern touch without losing its classical charm. Water, flowers and sunlight are the three key elements that make the Vincci La Rábida 4*Hotel’s courtyard stand out. Yellow and white colours, Seville’s traditional colours, offer a strong contrast with the vegetation’s greens, creating a genuine Arab-Andalusian ambience.

If we travel to Marbella, Malaga, Vincci Hotels would delight you with another beautiful courtyard, in the Estrella del Mar 5* Malaga-Marbella hotel. Despite its more modern style, we can once again appreciate the fountain as the centrepiece of the Al-Andalus architecture.

Hotel Vincci Estrella de Mar

Finally, with the Alhambra as our background, we find the Vincci Albayzín 4*Granada hotel. Its design is typically Andalusian, providing sunlight to the adjacent rooms and serving as a meeting point. It includes all the classic courtyard features: water, vegetation, light, and freshness… the perfect place where to spend some holidays in Granada.



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