Ten places to visit in Sevilla

A beautiful city abounding with happiness. This is what Sevilla should be described. The wonder of its buildings, its charming corners and alleys, its magical streets, its houses and overall the hospitality of its people and its famous tapas, make this urban center an absolute must destination.

Besides Holy Week and the April Fair, two key dates in the life of anyone from Sevilla, the Andalusian capital offers lots of things to do for tourists irregardless of when they visit.  In this post we tell you about ten must see sites that you have to see if you don´t have a lot of time:

1. Real Alcázar

Its one of the oldest in use palaces in the world and it reflects a multitude of cultures and people who have passed through the city. An amazing building that you can´t miss if you come to Sevilla. It´s opening hours?:  from Monday to Sunday from 9:30 to 17:00.  Between April and September from Monday to Sunday from 9:30 to 19:00.

2. Sevilla´s Cathedral

This precious catholic cathedral, Heritage Site, is known for its bell tower, La Giralda, an Almohad minaret, and for its famous Patio de los Narajos.  A definite must see!

3. “Plaza de España”

It´s the second most visited monument in Sevilla, and that´s not surprising, as its impressive. It´s got an interior canal that you can pass through on boat.  A curiosity? It was the scene for famous movies like Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and The dictator from Sacha Baron Cohen.

4. The Santa Cruz district

This district is a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys, with picturesque squares, original corners, shops and tapas bars. The best thing to do: get lost in it and let it take you…

5. María Luisa Park

An area with precious gardens, fountains, mansions, gazebos, ponds… that combines old and modern.

6.  “La Casa de la Memoria de Al-Ándalus”

A cultural center that organizes expositions and concerts related to the art of flamenco. You can´t pass up this place if you love this type of music. One bit of advice: book the tickets ahead of time as seating is limited.

7.  Triana district

Highly recommendable to walk through and have tapas in the streets of this district.  Contemplate the bridge at night. A truly amazing site!

8.  The Bellas Artes Museum

Required visit for art lovers. There you can find works for the medieval period up to the XX century.

9. Metropol Parasol

One of the oddest buildings in the city: its structure consists of six umbrellas that form gigantic mushrooms. The best thing: the views from its veranda and the Antiquarium in the lower area, that houses archeological remains.

10. Vincci La Rábida

And after visiting the wonderful city of Sevilla, the best thing is to rest in our Vincci La Rábida 4*, a hotel designed out of an eighteenth century mansion located in the center of the city, a few steps from the cathedral.

In addition to its wonderfully lit and precious interior patio, the establishment has 81 rooms, double superiors, junior suites and suites, decorated in typical Sevillian fashion and with all the comforts that characterize our hotels.

Some of the best places in the Vincci La Rábida? Los Patios Restaurant and our La Rábida Tapas Bar, where you´ll find the best Sevillian cuisine, always with the avant garde touch that all of our restaurants are known for.

Furthermore, we´ve got available interesting promotions so you travel at the best price. Sevilla is waiting for you!

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