Tell us on Twitter about those moments that would make your summer perfect, using the hashtag #veranoes (based on the Spanish for summer), and make them come true with Vincci

Read here ‘A perfect summer starts on the beach’ , ‘Don´t believe what they tell you about the world’ and ‘Open your eyes’, three stories created by Vincci Hotels followers on Twitter.

Here the winners.

Thank you for your contributions!


Imagine waking up to the sound of the sea, with a luxurious breakfast waiting for you. Or unwinding with a relaxing massage to the sound of classical music. Maybe lying on the beach, under a bright blue sky, unhurriedly immersing yourself in the perfect book. Or even better, sipping a cocktail on a bali bed, toasting the fact that this is your moment, time dedicated entirely to you. We’d like you to let your imagination take wings, and tell us about those delicious moments that would make your summer perfect.

Once you’ve decided on your perfect summer moments, tell us on Twitter, using the hashtag #veranoes. And if your tweet is included in one of the three magical summer experiences that we create using all the ideas we receive, then you’ll go into a draw to win a weekend at a Vincci hotel, where you’ll get to live one of the perfect summer breaks, effectively created by our Twitter followers. We’ll take all your perfect summer moments and select the best in order to turn them into reality at three of our hotels for the lucky winners.

Contest Vincci Hoteles Verano es Twitter


The fun starts today, 16 June, and for a month, up to 16 July, you can take part by publishing your perfect summer ideas on Twitter.

Once time’s up on 16 July all the tweets will be given to the Vincci judges who will take their pick of the contributions. These will then be crafted into three different, delightful stories which will be published on our blog, where you can read them, not just to enjoy them, but also to see if your perfect summer moment is in there… and if it is, you’ll know you’re in with a chance of winning one of the prizes.

Contest Vincci Hoteles Verano es Twitter


On 29 July, we’ll hold the draw to choose the three winners, and the day after, 30 July, we’ll reveal the winners on Twitter. The prize? A weekend for two where you’ll experience one of our ‘perfect summers’. Vincci will provide everything you need at the hotel to make sure you can experience the story we created from the tweets sent to us here at Vincci!

So be fun, be original, but above all, enjoy daydreaming about what you could soon be experiencing for real! Because if you’re one of the winners we’ll make your dreams come true – you’ll get to live a ‘perfect summer’ for real. A holiday fairy tale created by our followers for three lucky winners, and you could be one of them!

So come on, get thinking, and send us your perfect summer moment, along with the hashtag #veranoes (remember to use exactly that hashtag or we won’t see your entry).


Between us all, we’ll dream up the perfect summer.

You can see the competition rules here.


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