#VincciMadridFusión: tasting pleasure at Vincci Hoteles

From the kitchen to the table. Vincci Soho, Vincci SOMA and Vincci The Mint are celebrating Madrid Fusión, Spain’s leading gastronomic event, with a special dish for the occasion created by the chefs at the three hotels. It’s a unique moment to visit the capital, where you can let yourself be guided by your taste buds.

Madrid means fine food all year round, thanks to its restaurants, taverns and bars, but over the next few days it will be the gastronomic epicentre of the country, if not the world, thanks to leading culinary fair: Madrid Fusión. To celebrate the Spanish capital’s main gastronomic event, chefs César Gigante (Vincci Soho 4*), Miguel Ángel Rodríguez (Vincci SOMA 4*) and Manu Vega (Vincci The Mint 4*) have created a special dish, which you can try from Monday 23 January to Sunday 29.

It’s our contribution to this outstanding culinary summit, and it’s available to anyone who wants to savour it, whether they are guests at our hotels or not, so they can delight their taste buds and enjoy the tastiest side of Madrid.

The chosen recipe

You can find the specially created dish at Vincci Soho (Calle del Prado 18, Madrid), Vincci SOMA (Calle de Goya 79, Madrid) and Vincci The Mint 4* (Gran Vía 10, Madrid). It’s a Red Prawn and Sea Bass Ceviche, a Peruvian classic, which involves marinating the fish or shellfish in tiger’s milk, to which our culinary team have added their own personal touch.

For the occasion, we’ve chosen the finest red prawns and sea bass, spherified the tiger milk and turned its jus into little candies. Then, we’ve added a corn cake, freeze-dried corn, and a crystal of purple potato. The mix of these ingredients, prepared using a variety of techniques, gives a flavour identical to that of a traditional Peruvian ceviche of Red Prawn and Sea Bass. A combination of the traditional and the cutting-edge, that our chefs recommend you try with a Pisco Sour cocktail, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, or a very cold craft beer, to intensify the flavour. The Madrid Fusion Red Prawn and Sea Bass ceviche costs 16€.

Vincci Madrid Fusion

This culinary creation has been elaborated on the basis of three ingredients chosen by Vincci Hoteles’ followers on social media: purple potato, red prawn and coriander. These were the ingredients chosen from a suggested list, with the challenge for our chefs being to create a unique dish using the selected three, with the result being this original Ceviche. Those who come to try the dish can post a photo of it to Instagram or Twitter, with the hashtag #VincciMadridFusión, to enter a prize draw to win a weekend for two with Vincci Hoteles. An appetising way to enjoy this culinary week.

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