First communions and baptisms at Vincci

If you had one, there’s no doubt you’ll remember your first communion – one of the most important days of your life, and no doubt if your child is going to celebrate theirs you’ll want it to be the same for them. And although the protagonist doesn’t usually remember their baptism, at Vincci we know … Continue reading “First communions and baptisms at Vincci”

Vincci Hoteles inaugurates the Vincci Gala 4* in Barcelona, revampinga a 1900 neoclassical building

Just as spring arrives, the new Vincci Gala 4* Barcelona hotel opens its doors in downtown Barcelona – just a few paces away of Las Ramblas, Plaza Cataluña and Paseo de Gracia. The neoclassical building, dating from 1900, has been revamped utilizing innovative building techniques. In order to become a vanguardist hotel. Its design has … Continue reading “Vincci Hoteles inaugurates the Vincci Gala 4* in Barcelona, revampinga a 1900 neoclassical building”

In The Heart Of Valencia’s Fallas

It is that time of year again in Valencia. Gunpowder can be smelt in every street and huge, majestic statues can be eyed everywhere. But those are not bronze or marble classic sculpt, but ones built using much more mundane materials, such as polystyrene and cork. The reason for that is simple: those pieces of … Continue reading “In The Heart Of Valencia’s Fallas”

Shopping in Madrid’s ‘Milla de Oro’

One of the most fun activities when you visit Madrid is to go shopping. If you are either looking for a souvenir, a corporate present or just indulge yourself with the latest fashion trends showcased in the shop windows, it is mandatory to visit the Capital of Spain’s main shopping areas. Today, we will complete … Continue reading “Shopping in Madrid’s ‘Milla de Oro’”

Hotels that care for the environment

It is well known that the hotel business has a strong social compromise. In terms of sustainability and environmental care, that compromise translates into providing our customers with recycling, electric and water supply systems that are respectful with the environment. It is vital to consider those parameters as early as in the design and building … Continue reading “Hotels that care for the environment”

And the Oscar for Best Hotel goes to…

The red carpet has been put o rest after the 86th Academy Awards ceremony. The event was full of glamour, emotion, joy, disappointment and celebration. Several Hollywood stars will wake up today with a little golden figurine that not only will decorate their living room, but also shall influence their careers in the years to … Continue reading “And the Oscar for Best Hotel goes to…”

The most colourful celebration returns to Tenerife. It’s Carnival time!

The Carnival of Tenerife, recognized as one of the best in the world, is one of the most spectacular Spanish festivities. Santa Cruz de Tenerife Island becomes full of colour, costumes and music, resulting in a massive celebration, where everybody is welcome. Thousands of people attend this festivity every year -in 1985, a Guinness World … Continue reading “The most colourful celebration returns to Tenerife. It’s Carnival time!”

Vincci World, Barcelona escape

If you´ve never been to the condal city it is time for you to purchase a ticket to Barcelona, and for you to visit one of the most cosmopolitan and cultural cities that our country has to offer. Visiting Barcelona means breathing in art at the turn of every corner, we invite you to open … Continue reading “Vincci World, Barcelona escape”

Celebrate your wedding whith Vincci

Getting married is a very important decision but choosing the proper place is still more important. From the time you take the decision you will spend a lot of time searching the best place. Every couple must overcome this real test with a bit of patience and sense of humor. But celebrating your marriage should … Continue reading “Celebrate your wedding whith Vincci”