Travel to Prehistory visiting Cantabria’s caves

“Open Sesame!” shouted Ali Babá. And the great rock opened to reveal a cave full of gold and jewels. But we won’t be finding any caves like this in real life, not even with the help of a map or a GPS.  However, there are several caves in our country containing something more precious than … Continue reading “Travel to Prehistory visiting Cantabria’s caves”

Vincci Hotels kicks off the VIII Circuito Tenerife Golf

Precission, focus and technique are the three key slills needed Golf players from all around the world will meet on May 1, at the Vincci Buenavista Golf Hotel, for the VIII Circuito Tenerife Golf Tournament. The tournament, ending in September, is divided in seven different categories, considering gender, age and handicap. Each category winner will … Continue reading “Vincci Hotels kicks off the VIII Circuito Tenerife Golf”

In The Heart Of Valencia’s Fallas

It is that time of year again in Valencia. Gunpowder can be smelt in every street and huge, majestic statues can be eyed everywhere. But those are not bronze or marble classic sculpt, but ones built using much more mundane materials, such as polystyrene and cork. The reason for that is simple: those pieces of … Continue reading “In The Heart Of Valencia’s Fallas”

The Carnival of Cadiz, the most joyous festival of satire and humor

If you really want to understand what people feel in their hearts about the current, difficult situation, disguised behind a huge laugh, you can’t miss one of the most joyful and fun Spanish festivities, the Carnival of Cadiz. This celebration, declared of International Tourist Interest, represents a fantastic chance to enjoy the wits and ingenuity … Continue reading “The Carnival of Cadiz, the most joyous festival of satire and humor”

Tasting Cantabria, dishes you have to try

Cantabria’s location makes this region one of Spain’s gastronomic highlights and thanks to the clean, cold waters of the Cantabrian Sea, its seafood rivals that of Galicia or Asturias. Let’s start with one of the star products of the region, anchovies from Santoña. In the 1880s a number of Italians who worked in the anchovy … Continue reading “Tasting Cantabria, dishes you have to try”

The contemporary art fair ARCO Madrid arrives to IFEMA

The international contemporary art fair ARCOmadrid opens one more year its doors, placing the capital in the contemporary art epicenter. Last year the evet brought more than 118,000 visitors, this year it will host a total of 217 galleries from 23 countries, of which 164 belong to the General Program; 13 #FocusFinland; 29 #Opening, and … Continue reading “The contemporary art fair ARCO Madrid arrives to IFEMA”

Peninsular sunsets that will leave you amazed

Today we dedicate this post to that special moment that few people leave as indifferent: the sunset… The moment when the day ends. That instant when we decide that “the sun has left”… Even if in truth, we are the ones that get further away from it, in this crazy sphere of water and land … Continue reading “Peninsular sunsets that will leave you amazed”

Garaje wines at Vincci Soma

Today we want to enter into the wine world and discover why, if you love oenology, you have to visiti Vincci Hotel Soma Madrid. Our country has more than 1,2 million hectares dedicated to wine culture, the variety of wines and denomination of origins found in this territory is incredible. With this information it would … Continue reading “Garaje wines at Vincci Soma”