The Alhambra comes to your mobile

The Alhambra now has its own mobile app. The most visited landmark in Spain has joined the virtual revolution, giving you the chance to make your visit an even more complete experience. The Alhambra Official Guide [link in Spanish, however the app is available in English], created by the Council of the Alhambra, will help … Continue reading “The Alhambra comes to your mobile”

Spain’s seven treasures

For centuries pirates have looked for treasure on far-flung islands. But we’ve found our riches here in Spain; seven exceptional treasures, which offer far more than economic wealth… These are places that give us the beauty of their architecture or of nature itself. They are the veritable ‘Seven wonders of Spain’. The Alhambra, Granada A … Continue reading “Spain’s seven treasures”

Peninsular sunsets that will leave you amazed

Today we dedicate this post to that special moment that few people leave as indifferent: the sunset… The moment when the day ends. That instant when we decide that “the sun has left”… Even if in truth, we are the ones that get further away from it, in this crazy sphere of water and land … Continue reading “Peninsular sunsets that will leave you amazed”