Spa’s health benefits

The existence of places where people could relax and take care of their body through water was very common in ancient times. You can find a lot of examples of these places all around Spain, where Romans and Arabians built their thermal baths.
To maintain the tradition Vincci Hotels offer you the possibility to enjoy the spa experience in many of their hotels thanks to its Nammu Spa Areas or its Nammu Corner Spa Areas.

What does Nammu mean? Or still better, who was Nammu?

Nammu was the Sumerian goddess of the creation, mother of Ki, goddess of the earth and mother of An, god of the sky. Nammu was the creator of the oceans and the water.
And Nammu is also the name of the spa areas that you will find at many of our hotels.

Spa benefits for health

There are many health benefits as a result of a spa treatment: relief from pain of muscle and bone diseases, relaxation,…
All this benefits are more appreciated after being under continued pressure periods or heavy physical activity.
Is not by chance that our Vincci Selección Rumaykiyya 5* Hotel located in the heart of Sierra Nevada has its own spa. Precisely, spa facilities are one of the most valued services by its guests. A good idea after skiing the Sierra Nevada slopes.
If you want to feel this experience: check availability at Vincci Selección Rumaykiyya 5* Hotel now!
Or in case you want to know more about Nammu Spas facilities and services click here:

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