Sleep like a movie star in the new rooms of the Vincci Capitol

Feel like spending a night with Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Humphrey Bogart or Audrey Hepburn? Although it might sound like a dream, it’s now possible thanks to the Vincci Capitol 4* in Madrid. Our hotel has added three new rooms decorated and inspired by the world of cinema in which you’ll be able to share space with legendary actors and actresses from the history of the silver screen.

Sleep surrounded by stunning murals of photographs of the voluptuous Sofia Loren, one of the best actresses of the second half of the 20th century, of Hollywood’s eternally handsome Humphrey Bogart, of the king of rock  Elvis Presley and one of the performers whose work and delicate beauty captivated audiences’ of the time: Audrey Hepburn. You’l also find on the walls the handsome Sean Connery, agent 007 (James Bond) for over 20 years and the sensual and legendary Marilyn Monroe, and the unforgettable and unparalleled director and actor of cinema Charles Chaplin.

Each one of these murals is lit up by a system that changes color according to your preferences (blue, green, red, pink, white, or yellow), creating a more cinematographic atmosphere.

Old film reels hanging on the walls, red velvet curtains similar to theatre curtains, film projectors, a carpet full of stars like the walk of fame… All the decorating of the rooms was designed to make it seem like you were inside a Hollywood movie.

The three rooms are located above the hotel’s movie screen and are completely soundproof and are on the fourth floor (room “Row 4”), the fifth (“Row 5”) and the sixth (“Row 6”). All offer maximum comfort and a private bathroom. Also Rows 4 and 5 are a 55.44 m2 junior suite which features a lounge and bar where you can relax after a long day.

Are you such a huge film fan that you want more? These rooms are not only unique in that the breath the glamour and sophistication of the world of cinema: on the first floor of the hotel is a film projector from the 30s which welcomes all quests who’d like to enjoy the Bar Reims. Also, the establishment has available a private entrance to the theatres of the Cine Capitol, used by actors on opening nights.

All of this comes together in our Vincci Capitol 4* that’s at number 41 Gran Via, one of the most commercial and touristic areas of Madrid. It’s building, with its aerodynamic form and its famous Schweppes sign, is one of the symbols of the city.

Feel like a movie star for a day and sleep in one of the three new rooms of our Vincci Capital. Filming is about to begin: Lights, action, camera!

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