Savour the Fiestas del Pilar in the restaurant of the Vincci Zaragoza Zentro 4*

At Vincci Hoteles we’re all prepared for Zaragoza’s biggest party! This year the Fiestas del Pilar are stuffed full of exciting things to do and at Vincci Zaragoza Zentro 4* we’ve got a gastronomic surprise for you.

Where to eat in Zaragoza?

¿Autumn ravioli with mushrooms and foie? ¿Veal with glazed scallions? And for desert, goat cheese mouse with an apricot and honey sauce? Done!

menu día del pilar zaragoza zentro

At the restaurant of Vincci Zaragoza Zentro 4*, from 8 to 16 October, you can enjoy an authentic gastronomic experience that’s perfectly poised between the traditional and the cutting edge.

A series of dishes all paired with the finest wines, topped off by a perfect sweet finish: dark chocolate sticks with hazelnuts and raspberry marshmallows.

How to reserve a table during the Fiestas del Pilar?

If your mouth is already watering just from reading the menu and you fancy celebrating the Fiestas del Pilar with us, you can reserve a table by calling 976 703 300 or by sending us an e-mail to eventos.zentro@vinccihoteles.

Don’t miss out!

The hotel Vincci Zaragoza Zentro 4*

Vincci Zaragoza Zentro

Our hotel in Zaragoza, one of the most recent to join the Vincci Hoteles family, is located a stone’s throw from the Plaza del Pilar, the heart of the Fiestas, which take place from 8 to 16 October.

At Calle del Coso 86, this establishment lets you enjoy the city and visit the main landmarks in the historic centre, such as the Basílica del Pilar and the Palacio de la Aljafería, and it’s perfect for a stroll along the banks of the River Ebro.

With a modern, cutting edge decor, the hotel hides a secret: in the 16th century it was a palace. In fact, you’ll find two columns from the epoch preserved in the interior. And under its foundations you can see some of Zaragoza’s Roman ruins. Yes, inside the hotel! A real treat.

Vincci Zaragoza Zentro

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