Peninsular sunsets that will leave you amazed

Today we dedicate this post to that special moment that few people leave as indifferent: the sunset… The moment when the day ends. That instant when we decide that “the sun has left”… Even if in truth, we are the ones that get further away from it, in this crazy sphere of water and land that is incapable of rotating and rotating.

In Spain, there is an infinite number of places where one can enjoy this incredible phenomenon, the moment when human beings connect with the Earth to admire the greatness and beauty of that which surrounds us. In that moment silence always reigns.

We will start by Madrid. The skies of the capital are famous for their beauty. How could they not, they even inspired Velazquez to portray them in his paintings! The quantity of the details that it has, invite the spectators to loose themselves amongst its colors; once more moving away from this radiant and incandescent sphere of fire.

One of the most renowned places to enjoy this moment is the “Templo de Debod”, one of the few egyptian constructions that can be admired outside of Egypt. The image of this temple reflected in the water of its surrounding pond, makes this a magical place to enjoy the incredible Madrid sunset.

Let´s travel to Cádiz to talk about another one of the most beautiful sunsets of our country, the one that can be seen from the Trafalgar lighthouse in Caños de Meca. It is worth travelling to this spot to admire the moment when the sun leaves us. Let´s allow ourselves to say it this way, it is so beautiful to think that the sun is the one that goes away as opposed to the earth moving away from it. This desert place, inhabited only by this lighthouse, is the perfect place to be hypnotised alongside friends, family or as a couple whilst looking at how the sun disappears behind the horizon, behind the waves of the ocean to illuminate the other side of the planet.

A completely different scenario, but not less beautiful is the Barcelona sunset form the scenic viewpoint of Colón. You can access this place by using an elevator that goes up through the interior of the column of the statue. Violets, roses, oranges, blues, and yellows enhance this impressive panoramic view of the whole city of Barcelona, including the port where Christopher Columbus disembarked after his trip to America. This is why this monument was been placed in this exact place.

The sunset over the Tajo de Ronda in Málaga is sublime. The narrow pass where the city is located and the gorge excavated by the Guadalquivir river makes this place aphrodisiac, a place able to intoxicate even the swifts and doves that fly over it. The moment when the sun sets over this paradise the rocks are transformed, they are covered with sky lights, and it becomes a real canvas impossible to imagine even in dreams.

Another magical place to enjoy this color show is the Mirador de San Nicolás, located in the Albaycín, historical and beutiful neighbourhood in the middle of Granada. The views from this balcony offer a magnificent vision of the majestic “Alhambra.” The walls of this world heritage monument, are covered with the reddish colors of sunset. This image made Emir Boabdil cry of emotion when he would leave Granada, while his mother would tell him with this phrase: “Cry like a woman for what you defended like a man”. It is said that the name “Alhambra” (Red fortress in arab), was given because of the reddish skies of Granada´s sunset which reflected in the axes of the men and women who constructed it.


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