Our Vincci Soho returns to DecorAcción

One year later and again at this time the streets of Madrid’s barrio de las Letras district are going to become a window into the latest trends in decoration that are being produced in our country thanks to the IV edition of DecorAcción.

Our Vincci Soho (Madrid) doesn’t want to miss it and for the fourth year running, returns to participate in the initiative that will take place from the 19th to the 22nd of September.

Facades, shops, streets and squares will display the works and installations created for the occasion by more that 50 design and interior decorating studios that will participate in this event organized by the Asociación de Comerciantes, the magazine Nuevo Estilo and the Madrid town hall. A unique occasion to see up close the most avant garde decoration and at the same time see the barrio de las Letras district in a unique and special way.

The impressive 12,78 meters long salamander that graces the facade of the Vincci Soho, created for last year’s DecorAcción by the IADE school of design, has not gone unnoticed this year and the best thing is that you can still see it during this new edition.

The work, that required the use of more than 5,000 CD’s that we’re already  used to decorate the hotel during previous editions, seeks to symbolize renewal, evolution and change.

But it’s not the only installation that you’ll be able to see in our hotel during this DecorAcción 2013. In Soho’s salon, the brand Osborne & Little, one of the most prestigious fabric and wallpaper firms of our times, we’ll find interior design and fashion united in the hand of the designer Raúl Salado, who will display the creations he produced with the fabrics from the Osborne & Little’s new collection called Matthew Williamson.

Also, Soho’s patio will serve to exhibit two equally interesting decoration displays. On one hand, one from the interior designer María de la Osa and, on the other, those of the landscape artists Fernando de Miguel and Gonzalo Martínez-Avial, founders of the F&G Paisajismo (landscape) studio.

So now you know. Swing through the barrio de las Letras district so you don’t miss out on any of these works. In calle Prado 18 you’ll find our Vincci Soho waiting for you with these four spectacular exhibits. Go ahead and enjoy this edition of DecorAcción!

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