Our Prado18 restaurant debuts a new menu

In Vincci we always like to innovate and surprise our guests and continue to improve our products and services. It’s a philosophy that we apply in all our hotels and, of course, in each one of our restaurants. Because, isn’t it a pleasure to come to eat or have dinner in your favorite restaurant and find, besides the usual dishes, something new to try?

Our chefs know this, and never stop looking for new dishes, flavors or combinations that’ll make you enjoy sitting down at the table.  A good example of this is our Madrid Prado 18 restaurant that just debuted a new menu. In Vincci we don´t stay still and are always looking to find something new  for each time you come to eat with us.  Are you ready to find out what we’ve prepared for you?

New menu, same quality

Prado18 Tapas&Lounge,  located in the Vincci Soho 4*, has redesigned its menu with one idea in mind:  to offer a menu that is even more innovative and appetizing while maintaining the quality and unique style that characterizes our cuisine, designed by chef César Gigante.

So the hot tapas now include dishes like cod and raison pie, spiced lamb skewer and flamenquin mini steaks with yogurt sauce.  Tapas they´ve added to the others that are still around like scallops au gratin or wild boar meatballs with foie and brie cheese. Mmmmm…

In the case of cold tapas, there are some new items like mini pork loin and asadillo sandwich, leek confit and coco base romescu anchovies and mini king prawns carpaccio sprouts in American oil, although don´t worry as classics like the mini salmon and yogurt salad and Iberian ham haven’t´ disappeared.

Desserts, for their part, have been completely reinvented and among our suggestions figure delicacies like hot Apple cake, Borad of of cheese and jelly flourish and chestnut cake with chocolate syrup and green tea.

Furthermore, for those who want to try everything, the restaurant offers a sampling menu consisting of leek confit and coco based romescu anchovies, mini pork loin sandwich, ½ partridge pate toast and caramelized onion, mini spiced lamb skewer, mini hamburger and, to finish, banana with rum and coconut cream and selection of cheeses.  Just reading it makes your mouth water doesn´t it?

You can see the new menu below:

The Prado 18 restaurant is located in Madrid at Calle Prado 18, in the heart of Barrio de las Letras and very close to the Plaza de Santa Ana and the Puerta del Sol.  It’s open from Monday to Wednesday afternoons and evenings.  If you want to make a reservation you can do so by telephone 91 141 41 00 or online here.  Remember you can eat in the restaurant whether you are staying in the Vincci Soho 4* or not.

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