Our hotels are constantly being renewed, with Vincci Hoteles investing 11.6 million euros over the next five years

Vincci Centrum

In keeping with our commitment to constantly enhancing and improving our hotels, in line with the latest trends, needs and ways of travelling, we’ll invest 11.6 million euros over the next five years in the maintenance and updating of the look and feel of our properties.

We’ve drawn up an 11.6-million-euro investment plan aimed at renewing our hotels in Spain over the next five years. The expenditure is part of our commitment to offering our guests the very highest quality, both in customer services and facilities, with our properties being constantly enhanced.

Innovation: present every day at Vincci Hoteles

Carlos Calero, general manager of Vincci Hoteles, said the renewal plan would be carried out as part of the chain’s ongoing adaption of its hotels to the latest trends, needs and ways of travelling.

“Vincci Hoteles is committed to offering the highest quality facilities and we focus on looking after every detail. That’s why, despite how young the company is, having been launched just 16 years ago, we’re committed to continually renewing our properties, not just maintaining them but updating them in line with the latest trends in interior design, just as we work to find new services which meet the real requirements of our guests”.

Lamps Vincci Lys
Lamps Vincci Lys
Bar Lounge Vincci Gala
Bar Lounge Vincci Gala

 “Each of our hotels has its own personality, allowing guests to experience, from the hotel itself, the destination where the property is located. Innovation must be ever-present in our day to day work, because travellers’ demands are constantly changing and we need to be agile when offering new services and properties which make staying in them a complete experience”.

On this basis, we will invest nearly 3.3 million euros in 2018, being an increase of 20% over last year.

Currently Vincci Hoteles has a presence in three countries (Spain, Portugal and Tunisia) with 38 hotels: 29 hotels in Spain (across 14 provinces), 6 in Tunisia and 3 in Portugal, with new hotels forecast to be opened in the coming months in cities such as Bilbao.

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