NoMad Food&Bar: A midsummer night’s dream, on the new terrace and gastronomic venue from Vincci Soho 4*

outside terrace - Vincci Soho

Vincci Soho 4* opens its new outdoor terrace, conceived by interior designer Alejandra Pombo. The venue, inspired by the world of dreams, creates a fantasy universe, with plants taking pride of place, to give the terrace a highly romantic feel. Without doubt, it’s the perfect spot to take refuge from the bustle of the centre of Madrid centre and to dream under the stars on the warm summer nights, enjoying the cocktail menu and the gastronomic offering: NoMad Food&Bar. 

NoMad Food&Bar takes its name from the magical world of the show, specifically the nomadic lifestyle of many artists who travel from one place to another, bringing the excitement of the words: “Roll up, roll up, come and see the show!” This terrace promises to be a small oasis in the middle of the city centre bustle. It’s located in the central part of the property, in the form of a patio – a hidden spot, which can only be discovered by those who head into the hotel, by means of a route lined with surreal characters designed by Alejandra Pombo, drawing you into the dream world.

In the centre of the hotel sits an enormous merry-go-round, in reality a bar, which presides over the entrance to the patio’s antechamber, a covered outdoor area, in case the weather means the garden itself cannot be enjoyed. Here, the vegetation starts to catch the eye, a taster for what can be seen later, on the outside terrace, where a number of cupolas filled with plants hang, illuminated, over the tables, inspired by that most theatrical and romantic of all trees, the weeping willow. Without a doubt, it’s the perfect spot to take refuge from the heat on the summer evenings, in great company, with the light of the dusk creating a magical, intimate atmosphere.

Interior - Vincci Soho
Interior – Vincci Soho
Carrousel - Bar Vincci Soho
Carrousel – Bar Vincci Soho
Covered outdoor area - Vincci Soho
Covered outdoor area – Vincci Soho
outside terrace - Vincci Soho
outside terrace – Vincci Soho

Both terraces are open to both guests and the general public, with the outdoor terrace open from 10:30 to 23:30 every day and the covered terrace from 10:30 to 01:00 from Sunday to Wednesday and 10:30 to 02:00 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. On both, NoMad Food&Bar offers a wide selection of cocktails, including Mojitos, Long Islands and Aperol Spritz, among many others; juices; natural smoothies; soft drinks; wines; beers; and spirits to provide respite from the high temperatures in the Spanish capital. The venue also offers a new gastronomic concept, with a menu including something for every taste, with easy to share dishes, and all with a signature touch. Highlights include ‘Josefa’s croquettes’, the ‘Frying pan with Teriyaki Langoustine’ and the ‘Casserole Pot of Noodles with Mushrooms and Foie’. Fish lovers can enjoy ‘Tuna Tataki on a bed of Strawberry Carpaccio’ or the ‘Lima-style Sea Bass Ceviche’, while the meat dishes on offer include ‘Steak Tartare, from Marco Polo to Jules Verne’ and the ‘Sirloin Steak with Courgette Spaghetti al Pesto’.

NoMad Food & Bar – Vincci Soho
NoMad Food & Bar – Vincci Soho
Steak Tartar – NoMad Food&Bar – Vincci Soho
Steak Tartar – NoMad Food&Bar – Vincci Soho
Tuna Tataki on a bed of Strawberry Carpaccio – NoMad Food&Bar – Vincci Soho



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