Malaga’s Half Marathon will be reaching the milestone of 6.000 runners this year

media maraton Malaga

People’s interest for athletics has spread to one of the most important sports events in Andalusia: the City of Malaga Half Marathon that will be reaching the milestone of 6.000 runners this year ( last year there were 4.500 participants). 5.500 runners will compete at the Half Marathon while the remaining 500 will run the 5 kilometres course that will take place simultaneously.

The Half Marathon will take place next Sunday, 6 of April, starting at 10:00H. The participants will take the start at Manuel Alvar Street, near the Ciudad de Málaga Athletics Stadium, avoiding the “funnel effect” problem experienced in previous years. The ending line will still be located within the stadium.

The Half Marathon has been presented Vincci Málaga 4*, with the participation of Damián Caneda, councillor of Culture, Tourism and Sports, provincial deputy for Culture and Sports Juan Bernal, Enrique López Cuenca , President of the Andalusian Athletics Federation, and Manolo Sarria, President of Málaga Sport and event organizer. Sarria invited everybody to participate in the Half Marathon, that he described as the “Southern Europe run” and estimated it would have an economic impact of over €1.000.000 on the city.

On Friday 4 and Saturday 5 of April, the Athletics Stadium will hold the Feria del Corredor, where the attendees will be able to pick up their numbers and enjoy several amenities and leisure activities (like the human foosball table)

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