Málaga focuses on art with the opening of the Centre Pompidou

On 28 March this year the first Centre Pompidou outside France was opened, with Málaga being the chosen location – exactly between Quays 1 and 2 of the city’s bustling port. The centre aims to bring art to those who don’t tend to visit museums: to become a multidisciplinary space, an area that’s alive and able to show something different every day, because it won’t only have powerful permanent exhibitions of the renown of Picasso or Frida Khalo, it will also have a 363 square metre area dedicated to temporary exhibitions: photography, design, dance, architecture, film… There will be workshops and exhibitions focused on a younger audience, as well as children.

The new Pompidou is in the shape of a boat, whose prow brings to mind those perforated cards that served as hotel room keys. The building is ‘crowned’ by a crystal cube, a work of French conceptual artist Daniel Buren, hence the reason it’s already known as ‘El Cubo’.

Entrance is free on Sunday afternoons, so there’s no excuse not to visit the Centre!

Málaga wants to be at art’s cutting edge, because the city isn’t just about sun, sea and sand. It’s also about culture and dynamism, it’s Magritte, Giacometti, Miró, Khalo and Picasso.

Málaga is art.

Where can I stay in Málaga?

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In the historic centre of this beautiful city is the Hotel Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5*. You’ll have easy access to all the tourist landmarks in the capital of the Málaga region. And the hotel has the privilege of being the only one in Málaga where you can see part of the city’s old Roman wall.

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