Madrid Fusión and GastroFestival: gastronomy invades Madrid

As every year, Madrid Fusion and Gastrofestival come to Madrid, two of the most important appointments for gastronomy professionals and food lovers.

What is Madrid Fusion?
Is an International Gastronomy Summit which takes place in the IFEMA Exhibition Center of the Spanish capital. This event joins many top chefs from all over the world, suppliers of foodstuffs and beverages, etc.
Madrid Fusión lasts three days and during the summit several promotional events related with gastronomy are held.
From some years ago the city of Madrid, conscious about the importance of culinary art, is developing the following initiative:

Its aim is to promote the high quality and wide range of gastronomical offer of the city.
More than 300 establishments and institutions participate with the same purpose: complete the culinary experience of the city through the five senses.
Restaurants, art galleries, cooking schools, gourmet shops, cocktail bars, cultural institutions,… the whole city gets involved to show the best from its kitchens.

Gastrofestival activities are:

Gastronomic Madrid: tapas sampling menus at the restaurants, gourmet shops activities,…
Gastroculture: expositions that show how art, cinema and literature represent the gastronomy topic.
Sensory experiences: conferences, tastings, showcookings, gastronomic itineraries,…

No matter if you are a gastronomy professional or a food lover, you should travel to Madrid these dates.

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Useful information:
Madrid Fusión (27th-29th of January)
GastroFestival (24th of January – 9th of February)

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