INSTAGRAM COMPETITION: Which door is hiding a prize of two nights away with Vincci Hoteles?

Update 06/04/17
– Competition finished –
The winner of the prize of two nights away with Vincci Hoteles, which was hidden behind door 414 is…@sniegom!! Congratulations. Send us a message to to organize your prize. Thanks to everyone who took part!
Original post 04/06/17

To celebrate our 16th anniversary, we’ve ‘hidden’ a prize of a weekend away behind one of the doors from various Vincci Hoteles. Have a look at our Instagram profile, find the competition photo, then look for the winning door on @LaPuertaGanadoraVincci before leaving a comment to take part in the draw. Good luck!

On a day like today, 16 years ago, we took the first steps in a great project called Vincci Hoteles. Now we’re celebrating our anniversary, and we wanted to do something different for it, something special and above all, something fun. So we’ve come up with a game, one with a great prize!

The game: ‘Find the Vincci Hoteles Winning Door’

We’ve hidden on Instagram, behind one of the doors from various Vincci Hoteles, a prize of two nights away for you to enjoy with your partner, your friend, your mum, your dad… or whoever you want!

How to take part?

  1. Go to the @Vincci_Hoteles profile on Instagram and find this photo:


  1. Got it? Good job! Now, click on the profile tagged @LaPuertaGanadoraVincci and ta-da! Lots of doors, aren’t there?
  2. Open the doors one by one (open the photo and check the comment) until you FIND THE WINNING DOOR (there’s only one). The comment next to the winning door won’t leave any room for doubt.
  3. Comment on the photo (the WINNING DOOR photo, of course) explaining why you should win the weekend away with Vincci Hoteles and mention the person (@username) who you want to share the weekend with.
  4. Remember, we have to be friends, so follow us!

What can you win?

From all the participants, one lucky winner will receive two nights free at one of our hotels, to celebrate our 16th anniversary. ¿Cádiz, Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Lisboa? What do you fancy? We’ve got more than 30 hotels to choose from!


The game will be run from 4 April 2017 at 11:00 to 6 April at 16:00. We’ll publish the winner on 6 April at 17:00 in the photo in the game, as well as in the photo of the winning door.

Are your tempted to play with us and win a trip to a 4 or 5 star hotel, completely free? Come on!

Consult the competition rules here. (In Spanish)


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