If you haven’t discovered Salamanca, you haven’t discovered one of Spain’s most beautiful cities


Art, history and culture come together in this city, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988. We’d like to invite you to come and discover one of the most beautiful cities of Castile and León: Salamanca.

The Plaza Mayor

Without doubt this is the nerve centre of the city, the place to meet, and one of the most important baroque landmarks in Spain. There’s nothing better than sitting in its arcade, contemplating the beauty of the place and the vibrant life exuded by the passersby.

The Casa de las Conchas

This building’s uniqueness comes from the approximately 300 Shells of St James that decorate the façade of the building, together with the fleur-de-lis of the Maldonado family, on their coat of arms. Legend has it that under one of the shells a hidden treasure can be found.

La casa de las conchas

The University

The oldest in Spain and one of the most prestigious. Salamanca is synonymous with youth and it’s precisely the University that brings thousands of students to live in the city. On its façade can be found, above a skull, the sculpture of a frog, one of the University’s symbols. It’s a tradition among the students to search painstakingly for it among all the symbols, because legend has it, that if you find it you’ll pass all your exams.


The Cathedrals

The city has two cathedrals, the New (Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles) and the Old (Romanesque). The game of searching for hidden figures continues at the New Cathedral, with an astronaut and a dragon eating an ice cream on the façade. For its part, the Old Cathedral, which was started in 1140, has a unique cupola called the Torre del Gallo (the Cock Tower).

Casa Lis, art nouveau-art deco

More than a whim, it’s a dream of modernity, an art nouveau and art deco allegory that holds some of the city’s most precious treasures: 19 collections of decorative art from the 19th century and the start of the 20th.

As well as discovering the city by walking through its streets, there are an infinite number of different ways to experience it and feel it. How about flying over it in a hot air balloon? There’s a company that would be delighted to let you enjoy this unique experience (link in Spanish), one that will no doubt stay long in the memory.

Visita Salamanca

Photo: http://www.salamancairrepetible.com/

Where to eat in Salamanca

Salamanca has a vast range of different restaurants where you can enjoy the pleasure of a good meal. The city is without doubt one of the best places to enjoy the exquisite produce of Castile and we’ve got a comprehensive restaurant guide (link in Spanish) for you, so if you’re a lover of fine food you won’t miss any of the best establishments.

Where to stay in Salamanca

Vincci Hotels have a hotel in Salamanca that offers every service imaginable to ensure you have a comfortable stay. Vincci Ciudad de Salamanca 4* is a very tranquil, luxurious and welcoming hotel just a 15 minute walk from the Cathedral, guaranteeing you a relaxing stay in a city known for its bustling nightlife. The route to the centre offers incredible views over the Cathedral and is a delightful walk. We also have our own parking.

Hotel en Salamanca Vincci Ciudad de Salamanca

Furthermore, the hotel serves a comprehensive buffet breakfast every morning and completes its gastronomic offering with an extensive snack bar. Our hotel in Salamanca, the Vincci Ciudad de Salamanca 4*, is an excellent, good value, option that guarantees you have a restful stay in this beautiful, lively city.

Hotel en Salamanca Vincci Ciudad de Salamanca



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