Hotels that care for the environment

It is well known that the hotel business has a strong social compromise. In terms of sustainability and environmental care, that compromise translates into providing our customers with recycling, electric and water supply systems that are respectful with the environment. It is vital to consider those parameters as early as in the design and building processes, constantly reviewing them in order to accommodate technological advancements on these subjects.

Vincci has embraced all this changes, that must result in cost savings and, ultimately, an improvement of the quality of service offered to our clients.

To that end, Vincci Hotels obtained the ISO 14001:2004 Certificate in Environmental Management for all its facilities in 2013 and, more recently, Habitat Futura (specialized magazine on sustainable architecture and edification), commented that Vincci’s initiative ‘reinforces the hopes for a more environmentally responsible tourism business’.

We have incorporated recognized specialists in environmental care and sustainability to the design, construction and decoration, aiming to create buildings that are not only beautiful, elegant and unique, but also efficient and respectful with the environment. Three good examples are the Vincci Bit Hotel in Barcelona, Vincci Gala Hotel, also in Barcelona, and the Vincci Albayzín Hotel, in Granada.

Vincci Bit Hotel prides itself not only in capturing the cosmopolite, dynamic and modern atmosphere that characterizes Barcelona, but also in achieving that modernism and elegance while caring for the environment.

Thanks to the solar heath collectors, residual heat recovery, ecological detergents usage and the careful selection of materials and furniture following ecological criteria, we have achieved a long-term compromise with sustainability.

The Vincci Albayzín Hotel constitutes a fresh and luminous experience in downtown Granada. In order to achieve that ambience, we have taken advantage of natural light, featuring a typical Andalusian courtyard decorated in soft nuances of colour that enhances luminosity and complemented by vegetation and water. Moreover, all the illumination is provided by led light sources, for optimal energy consumption.


The water supply system also contributes to sustainability and care for the environment. To that end, we have made use of aerator pumps, reduced-flow showers and dual flush cisterns. On top of all this, we will continue to educate our staff and clients about the necessity of being aligned with those objectives; a tab not closed properly can drip up to 800 litres per month, for example.



The Vincci Gala Hotel in Barcelona will be opening in less than a month, but it has already been selected by the city’s Council as benchmark for environmental projects and obtained the highest energy rating (A rate). Miguel Jordá, Tekno-Bau Ibérica Director, led the rehabilitation of a classic building, built in the year 1900, maintaining the original facade. Commenting on the building’s sustainability, Jordá highlights: ‘A great courtyard runs through the whole building, providing natural illumination and giving a sense of spaciousness (…) The rear facade includes several environmental features, like eaves and terraces that protects from the sun. Illumination is 90% provided by led light sources.’

We are compromised to keep improving the sustainability of all our hotels, making sure every detail is aligned to our environmental care goals.



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