Full Monty Breakfast: this summer enjoy a British breakfast at Vincci The Mint

Are you tired of the same old brunch? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and at Vincci The Mint, the most British hotel in Madrid, we want you to have the best start possible. The Full Monty Breakfast is now being served at number 10 Gran Vía in the heart of Madrid, to ensure your mornings are full of energy this summer. Coffee, tea, orange juice, porridge, eggs and bacon, sausages, sponge cake, marmalades, etc. A great alternative to the standard brunch to start the day, with an authentic British touch.

Breakfast, as the first meal, can make or break the rest of the day. And in the summer months, the high temperatures, the holidays, and late nights out mean we pay less attention to the time, which in turn means breakfast can run almost into lunch. So, our Full Monty Breakfast has all the ingredients to start the day full of energy, combining sweet and savoury to perfection.

The Full Monty Breakfast is served from Monday to Sunday, until 14:00 and includes the following:

  • Coffee, tea and orange juice
  • Porridge (British sourced, made from oats with milk or water, served with additional ingredients such as fruit or seeds. A healthy, complete choice)
  • Eggs with bacon and tomato
  • Sausages with potatoes on the side
  • Home-made sponge cakes
  • Selection of oven-baked breads, home-made marmalades and butter

Price: €18.00

Booking is essential, please call Vincci The Mint on 912 03 06 50.

Together with the Full Monty Breakfast, at Vincci The Mint we offer a complete breakfast menu, with handcrafted products made there and then, served all day. Various types of bread and other bakery products, homemade cakes, crepes, cereals, fruit, yoghurts, grilled vegetables, salads, smoked products, cheeses, hot dishes such as sausages or eggs, etc. It’s a complete buffet, and you can go back as many times as you wish for 22 euros per person.

Minty freshness in every corner of Vincci The Mint, the perfect place to enjoy Madrid’s most entertaining side

You can enjoy all the above and more in this hotel designed by renowned interior designer Jaime Beriestain, who has respected the essence of the building constructed between 1916 and 1919, integrating the existing classical elements with the cutting-edge style of this innovative concept hotel. You’ll be delightfully surprised by its originality from the moment you walk in, with ever-present minty green and turquoise tones. What’s more there’s no place for a traditional reception at Vincci The Mint 4* – your experience starts by checking-in at the bar. Our aim is to create a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere, where you can do everything in relation to your stay quickly, while you enjoy a soft drink or a cocktail in our fascinating bar.

Vincci The Mint has 88 rooms (16 superior suites, 16 junior suites and 4 junior suites with terrace), all of which are bright and spacious, with all the conveniences that characterise Vincci Hoteles, with a cutting-edge design that doesn’t detract one iota from the comfort levels. In line with Vincci Hoteles’ environmental commitments and Corporate Social Responsibility policy, the hotel is equipped with the latest energy-saving technology, as well as measures to lower water and electricity use.

The hotel’s excellent location allows you to enjoy the capital to the full. For those in search of historic Madrid, the hotel is a stone’s throw from the Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, the Madrid de los Austrias area and the Plaza de Cibeles, among other tourist attractions. Those who prefer a spot of shopping or entertainment will find a wealth of national and international brands to choose from, as well as a wide choice of theatres and restaurants to enjoy Madrid’s fun side while staying in a hotel that’s utterly different and enjoying an authentic Vincci experience.

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