Five dishes you won’t want to miss if you visit Valencia, Salamanca, Madrid, Valladolid or Granada

You don’t truly know Valencia until you’ve tried the paella Leaving Valencia without having tried the paella is a mistake you simply don’t want to make. That’s why today we’re not only going to recommend the best paella, but also the best place to enjoy it. The Albufera Natural Park is the authentic cradle of the dish. In this natural beauty spot there’s a wonderful restaurant, the ‘Restaurante Mateu’, where you can combine the ritual of a good meal with a boat trip, a visit to the traditional barracas (fishermen’s huts) as well as being able to enjoy watching the paella being cooked. From here you can also watch the most spectacular sunsets in the area, amidst rice fields. The bocadillo de calamares, one of Madrid’s classics You already know you can’t leave Madrid without trying the cocido madrileño (Madrid stew, with various cuts of meat and chickpeas) but today our attention is on another treat that stands out among the capital’s traditional dishes: the bocadillo de calamares (fried squid baguette). The obligatory ritual is to get your bocadillo in one of the little streets that surround Plaza Mayor, and sit back to watch the thousands of passersby that wander around, often stopping to watch the street performances and caricature artists. Don’t miss one of Madrid’s most authentic experiences! bocadillo de calamares Photo.


Salamanca’s hornazo The hornazo is an important part of life in Salamanca, being principally eaten on Easter Monday, called ‘Lunes de aguas’ (literally ‘Water Monday’) in Salamanca. The dish is a type of pie, stuffed with chorizo, cured ham, hard-boiled egg, bacon, etc. It can however be found all year round in bakeries and confectionary shops, as it’s a perfect food for afternoon snacks or trips to the great outdoors. hornazo Salamanca Photo:

Roast lamb in Valladolid Roast lamb, accompanied with Pan de Valladolid (Valladolid bread) and wine from one of the five denominations of origin from around the city (Ribera del Duero, Rueda, Cigales, Toro and Tierras de León) is, without doubt, the stand-out choice among the classic Valladolid dishes. Restaurant Ramiros is an excellent place to enjoy it. elnortedecastilla roast lamb Photo:


Pescaito in Granada Last but not least, we would recommend Granada as one of the best places in Andalucía to try the finest pescaito frito (fried fish). In the restaurant Los Diamantes not only can you enjoy the best fried fish, but it also has puntillitas (very small squid), marinated school shark, hake and cod, as well as the best fried vegetables: aubergines and perfectly crunchy peppers losdiamantes frite fish in Granada ¿Where to stay? And where better to relax and let your digestion get to work after a succulent sampling of typical Spanish food than a comfortable hotel. At Vincci we’ve got a number of establishments that will more than meet your expectations. If you went for a Valencian paella in La Albufera by Valencia we’ve got two stupendous hotels for you, the Vincci Lys 4* and the Vincci Palace 4*. If you’ve had your fill of cocido and had never tried calamares before, top it all off by staying behind the legendary Schweppes sign in the hotel Vincci Capitol 4* or its neighbour Vincci Vía 66 4*. But if you want leafy trees in such an immense city, then you’d be better off heading to the Vincci Soma 4*, just two streets from El Retiro park, and if it’s art you’re after then at the Vincci Centrum 4* you’ll be surrounded by some of the most prestigious museums in the world. If you haven’t tried a Hornazo before and haven’t even visited Salamanca, don’t think twice, it’s a city you have to see. salamanca Vincci Hoteles The Vincci Ciudad de Salamanca 4* is just waiting for you; it’s a 15 minute stroll from the Cathedral to this modern, practical hotel.   If you decided to try the roast lamb then we’d recommend you stay in our hotel in Valladolid, the Vincci Frontaura 4*, located on one of the city’s main thoroughfares, from where you can easily get to all Valladolid’s most interesting points. And to sate your appetite for tasty pescaito we have two hotels in the city of Granada that are sure to impress you, the Vincci Albayzín 4* and the hotel Vincci Granada 4* with views over the Alhambra. hotel en Granada Vincci Albayzín 4*

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