Fairs in Madrid and Barcelona


We start April with a selection of fairs taking place in Madrid and Barcelona.

Vintage lovers are meeting in Madrid, Ifema for Almoneda, the Antiquities, Art and  Collecting fair. 137 companies will participate in this 24th edition, closing on April 6, showcasing unique art pieces of over 50 years old. Attendant can appreciate and purchase over 25.000 decorative objects and fashion accessories of various provenances and ages.

Almoneda Ifema

Almoneda is not the only fair hosted in Ifema’s facilities. The Optics business is also represented in the Optics and Optometry International fair, that will take place from the 4th to the 6th of April. 1.200 professionals will gather to know the latest advances and techniques, and to share the most recent scientific studies in conferences and master classes.

Those interested in technology advancements cannot miss the “The Pavilion of the Future” expo, also taking place in Ifema. This roadshow, organized by the European IT platform Login PT, will showcase the latest, cutting edge Portuguese technology in a 2D and 3D designed dome, hosting seminars, workshops and multimedia shows.

Moving to Barcelona, the International Tourism Fair will open its doors from the 4th to the 6th of April, showcasing 75 touristic destinations worldwide. Thousands of people are expected to attend the Barcelona Fira and enjoy initiatives like ‘The Desert’s Door’, showing interesting desert destinations, or the Pink Corner, dedicated to the LGBT collective –a successful initiative started on 2008. There will be several other cultural, sports and fun activities and polls to participate in.

Vincci Hotels wants to guarantee your rest after an intense day of work visiting those fairs. In Madrid, we have five 4* and 5* hotels where to relax and enjoy the city. Vincci Capitol 4* and Vincci Vía 66 4* Madrid are placed very close to Puerta del Sol, while Vincci Centrum 4* Madrid, Vincci Soho  4* Madrid is near the Prado Musseum. Finally, the Vincci Soma 4*, a modern and functional hotel, is right by the El Retiro gardens.

hotel capitol

If you are heading to Barcelona, we want your stay to be comfortable, having the opportunity to visit and enjoy the city. If you stay at the Vincci Gala 4* Barcelona, you can indulge in shopping near the famous Ramblas. The Vincci Bit 4* Barcelona is located in the Diagonal Avenue, one of Barcelona’s landmarks. If you prefer to be closer to the sea, your best option would be the Vincci Marítimo 4* Barcelona, a truly vanguardist hotel.


Enjoy doing business and take the chance to know the city you are visiting a little better.


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