Experience the passion of Easter Week with Vincci

It’s getting closer and closer to Easter Week. Besides that these holidays are a few days of rest and disconnecting from stress and daily routine, these days are some of the most awaited festivals in Andalucía and also in Valladolid. Here, tradition, passion and devotion come together and create a unique atmosphere the deserves being seen, at least once in a lifetime.

Sevilla, Málaga, Granada and Valladolid are four cities where you can directly experience the intensity of the processions, considered international tourist attractions.  During this time, everything changes: the streets are decorated with flowers of different colours and smells and the fraternities prepare the steps they’ve been rehearsing all year so they turn out perfect.

Join the thousands of crying believers observing the processions, watch them from a balcony, hear the artists singing the beautiful and exciting sacred songs, wander through the city streets… It’s just part of what we offer from Vincci Hotels for these special days.

Also, if it rains, don’t worry. If for this reason 50% or more of the processions are cancelled during one of the days of your stay, our Vincci la Rábida 4* in Sevilla, Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5* in Málaga, Vincci Albayzín 4* in Granada and Vincci Frontaura 4* in Valladolid, we will treat you to a visit to a museum in the city (except the Alhambra in Granada, on the day of your choosing.

Sevilla passion: Vincci La Rábida 4*

If you haven´t yet directly experienced one of the most famous and beautiful Easter Week celebrations in the world, there’s still time. Our Vincci La Rábida 4* in Sevilla, built from an eighteenth century mansion, is one of the best options, as its located in the Barrio del Arenal district, a few steps from the cathedral and the Plaza de Toros “La Maestraza”. There you can find, as well, a short walk to the shopping district and other points of interest in the city, like the Torre del Oro, la Giralda and the Barrio de Santa Cruz district.

From many of the balconies of our hotel you can see the following events: the Brotherhood of Jesus of the Great Power, the Cavalry of the Brotherhood, the Montserrat Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of the Fifth Anguish, the Brotherhood of the Virgin of Peace.  All of it starting at 150 euros for lodging and breakfast.

Málaga Easter Week: Vincci Posada del Patio 5*

Located in the heart of the historical centre and with easy access to all of Málaga’s points of interest, the Vincci Posada del Patio is the city’s first five star hotel, in style and avant garde quality.  The best of all:  from many of its rooms you´ll be able to see up to 26 of the Brotherhoods processions. The price? 150 euros for lodging and breakfast.

Granada fervor: Vincci Albayzín 4*

Our Vincci Albayzín 4* is located in one of the best areas in Granada, next to the Basílica de las Angustias (Patron Saint of the city), 100 meters for the Puerta Real and only 500 meters from the Cathedral.  As a privileged spectator, from its balconies you´ll enjoy the important Brotherhood and Fraternity processions. All of it for 130 euros for lodging and breakfast.

Easter Week in Valladolid: Vincci Frontaura 4*

To know better all the variety of the Spanish Easter Week it’s absolutely necessary to travel to Valladolid, where these holidays have special importance. Not surprisingly, Valladolid’s Easter week is declared an International Festival of Touristic Interest and is a magnificent example of the festive though austere character that this celebration has gained in a part of our country. Our modern Vincci Frontaura 4*, located on Valladolid’s main artery, is your best choice for staying in the city.

As you can see, in Vincci Hotels we make it easy for you to experience Easter Week with more passion than ever. Choose any of the options we suggest and enjoy some unforgettable days, whether there´s good weather or it’s raining. You won’t be let down.

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