Dreamy enclaves and crystal clear water, the secret of Vincci pools (part I)

Is the intense heat these days suffocating and preventing you from being able to think clearly?  Don’t worry, in Vincci Hotels we’ve just started up the long awaited swimming pool season, places where you’ll be able to enjoy the best dips of the summer.

The idyllic surroundings, striking and innovative design and meticulous care of the facilities are just some of the hallmarks of our most precious summer treasures. Ready for the first dip of the season?

Submerge yourself in the sea in the Vincci Estrella del Mar 5*

With its impressive 235 square meters and its spectacular views, our Beach Club’s Estrella del Mar in Marbella´s infinity pool is one of the jewels of our chain. And not only because it’s salt water, but because it’s in an idyllic place with views of one of the best beaches in the area, the “Golden beach” which blends Mediterranean and Arabic styles.

Sunbathing in one of our Balinese beds, taking a walk through the extensive surrounding gardens and terraces or sampling the excellent culinary offerings we´ve got available are just some of the pleasures you don´t want to miss.

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Pools with the Q of Quality in Vincci Selección La Plantación del Sur 5*


If a few weeks ago we shared with you our happiness for the Q of Quality that the Vincci Selección La Plantación del Sur 5* received, now we´d like to show you it´s spectacular pools.  Surrounded by lush tropical gardens and adorned with waterfalls, it´s a place to cool off, exercise or simply relax.

What could be better than a good meal to satisfy your hunger after a swim?  Our restaurant, the Gourmet Canario, with the best creative cuisine in the area; “El Buffet”, with show-cooking and outdoor terrace and “la Jaima”, a full snack bar; are three unbeatable choices.

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Refresh yourself after a game of golf in the Vincci Tenerife Golf 4*

On this same island you´ll find the Vincci Tenerife Golf 4*, where, after playing an entertaining game of golf in the “Golf del Sur” golf course with your family or friends you can take a plunge into the crystal clear waters of the pool, while the breeze from the Atlantic ocean caresses your face.

Its unique location on the edge of a cliff as well as the hotels wide variety of different forms of entertainment (tennis court, restaurant, club, chill-out, among others) has turned it into one of those special places that we really love to prepare for you.

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Experience nature in the Vincci Selección Buenavista Golf & Spa 5*

Tired of the city?  Forget the day to day stress and let yourself be seduced by the natural Paradise that the pool in Vincci Selección Buenavista Golf & Spa 5*, in Tenerife represents, where the only soundtrack will be the singing of the birds and the whispering sound of the waterfall.

From there you can access a wide variety of restaurants, with bar and restaurant on premises, as well as a pool and kids club especially designed for children.

Meanwhile, adults can test their aim on the golf course, designed by the one and only Severiano Ballesteros!

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Malaga from a bird’s eye view in the Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5*

We´ll finish this first overview of our pools with the Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5*, from where you can contemplate the unbeatable views of Malaga at night, a city that´s got treasures like the ruins of an Arab wall the hotel has underneath it.

When you´re finished enjoying the water, we suggest you let yourself get carried away by the flavors of the Baraka restaurant that´s got an international menu and an extensive variety of carefully chosen wines, or, if you prefer, have a drink in one of the more fashionable places, “The Wall”.

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We could spend hours telling you all about the amazing things that are hidden in our exotic swimming pools but we´d prefer to invite you to come and discover them for yourself during your next visit.  As always, we´d be delighted to welcome you and guarantee that your stay will be unforgettable in the establishment of your choosing.  Meanwhile, you can go on thinking about what swimming suit or bikini you´re going to bring.  Giving into temptation was never so easy!


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