Dive into Dalí´s Gaze

Salvador (Saviour in Spanish) was the name chosen for him by his parents. He used to say the reason why he was given that name was his mission “to save abstract art from the mainstream art currents taught in school, full of surrealism and all the other ‘isms’”.

Dalí was unique. A product of a controlled madness, egomaniacal and exhibitionist. Passionate about taxidermy, money and spotlights. A character surrounded in legend, invented or not, that couldn’t go unnoticed. They say he was afraid of germs, of walking barefoot, of grasshoppers, and about dying. His admiration for other artists shaped his own persona, growing his curious moustache as a result of his passion for Velazquez, for example.

But his most complex and deep obsession was Gala, his wife. Elena Ivanovna (her real name) was present in his paintings, photography and other objects he created during his life. A presence that, once gone, incremented Dalí’s fears of aging and dying.

* Gala, wife of Salvador Dalí. / Photo: salvador-dali.org

This(maybe not so) mad genius died almost three decades ago, but his soul still lingers in several places all around the country, especially in Barcelona, his birthplace.

A good example is the Via Veneto restaurant, where the artist enjoyed Catalan cuisine. The incident when he ordered raw sausages for his guests to wear as necklaces is still well remembered.

Another place keeping Dalí’s imprint is Barcelona Design. In the 1930s, Dalí befriended Jean-Michel Frank, a furniture designer he met in Paris, and together they developed several new designs.

* Sofa ‘Daililips’ by Dalí. / Photo: official page of BD Barcelona Design.

In the 1990s, Oscar Tusquets decided to make reality the designs Dalí drew for Frank. Joaquim Camps was selected for bringing them to life and BD Barcelona Design commercialized them worldwide. It is very unusual furniture, not a surprise coming from Dalí. Today, we can appreciate his Vis-a-Vis sofa, the Leda chair or some of his lamps, at the Ramón Turró 126 Street.

But his true legacy to Barcelona is the Dalí Sculpture Museum, located in the Círculo Artístico Royal Building. His paintings have been more widely known, and we can find his works in Figueres and Cadaqués (2 and a half hours away from Barcelona), but the 40 sculptures showcased in the museum are testimony of his genius.

* The Dalí Sculpture Museum, located in the Círculo Artístico Royal Building. / Photo: barcelona.salir.com

Gala or Dalí? Dalí o Gala? We finally chose her. The genius’ wife, the soul of the artist’s soul, is protagonist of one our hotels in Barcelona. The Vincci Gala 4* Barcelona offers you the chance to experience the surreal magic that surrounded this couple. Unique and comfortable are this hotel’s main attributes.

This is a totally new hotel built over a classic building dating from the early XX century. His terrace, quiet and vanguardist, invites us to relax, and the rooms follow the hotel’s guidelines for originality, luminosity and modernism.


Reportaje sobre Vincci Gala 4* Barcelona en Barcelona Televisió


Even its location is privileged. It is just a few metres away from Plaza Cataluña, Las Ramblas and the main commercial area of the city. This hotel, dedicated to Dalí and his wife, will make you live a truly “surreal” experience in Barcelona.

* Gala and Salvador Dalí in Vincci Gala 4* Barcelona.







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