Discover the ‘Zero Kilometre Breakfasts’ at Vincci Hoteles: “The day starts here, the day starts in you”

In this, the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, at Vincci Hoteles we’ve made a double commitment, to our guests and the locations where our hotels are found, to create a connection that goes beyond just food: we want our guests to start their day with a direct experience of the place they are staying, through their taste buds.

To make this experience a reality we’ve created the concept ‘Zero Kilometre Breakfasts’, which focuses on top quality fresh and artisanal produce which comes from the region where each hotel is located. It’s a project that promotes local economic development through sustainable consumption, at the same time as it connects the guests with the authentic flavours of the places they are visiting.

What is zero kilometre food?

Zero kilometre food means ingredients or artisanal products that come from nearby producers, which on the one hand reduces the environmental footprint coming from handling, packing and transporting ingredients over thousands of kilometres and on the other promotes local cuisine, helping the local economy. It’s a trend that has multiple benefits both for producers and consumers, and one which Vincci Hoteles has been following for some time, to offer the highest quality on our menus. Now, we’re taking another step in this direction and have created a ‘Zero Kilometre Breakfast’ corner in the majority of our hotels, which you can enjoy to start your day both if you’re a guest as well as if you’re not staying with us.

These spaces focusing on local gastronomy use local ingredients and artisanal products made using regional produce. So you’ll find fruits, vegetables, cheeses, honeys, oils, etc. that are typical of the place, enhancing the experience of your trip through the sense of taste. The ‘Zero Kilometre Breakfasts’ bolster the local experience which you can enjoy in every Vincci Hoteles’ property, with hotels that are each very different, in terms of décor and style, and with their own personalities, inspired by the unique features of the places where they are located.

Local cuisine of each region in the Zero Kilometre Breakfasts from Vincci Hoteles

At Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5*, you’ll find, for example, the ‘Sabor a Málaga’ (Taste of Málaga) area, with the following local produce: Guadalhorce oranges, bread from Antequera, sausages and other cured meats from Ronda, oils from Periana and Axarquia, raisins from Malaga and typical Malaga sweets and bakery products such as ‘las locas’ biscuits, Maritoñis (biscuit and cake mixture, often with cream), ‘tortas de aceite’ (flat cakes made with olive oil), Algarrobo cakes, etc.

Travelling to the north-east of Spain, in Barcelona, Vincci Mae 4* offers traditional Catalan cured meats such as longaniza, fuet from Vic and ‘bull blanco’, accompanied by ‘pan de coca de cristal’ bread, tomatoes from the Sierra de Collserola and local crème brûlée. In the Canary Islands, at the Vincci Selección La Plantación del Sur 5* you’ll find cheeses including goats cheese, cottage cheese and local semi-cured cheese. There is also marmalade, local bakery products, ‘gofio’ (roasted maize meal) and multiflora honey. In the capital, Madrid, Vincci SOMA 4* offers freshly made traditional ‘churros con chocolate’ (fried dough dipped in hot chocolate), olives and oils from Campo Real, melons from Villaconejos, Aranjuez strawberries, honey from the Sierra de Madrid and garlic from Chinchón.

Reduced environmental footprint, a boost for the local economy and benefits for society

As well as the benefits we mentioned above, such as the reduction in the environmental footprint, zero kilometre products have a range of other culinary benefits, because they are fresher and don’t need preserving or freezing. The boost to the local economy and benefit to society from these products, because they encourage people to find out about the origin of their food and the methods of preparation, are other notable advantages.

All ‘Zero Kilometre Breakfasts’ at Vincci Hoteles offer home-made products and include a wide range of hot and cold items, including coffee, teas, fresh juices, different types of milk, various types of bread, marmalades, cakes, sponge cakes, cured meats, fruit, Spanish omelette, eggs cooked as you wish, bacon, sausages, etc. Some hotels offer breakfasts aimed at different nationalities. Some also offer breakfasts adapted to different diets and culinary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan, celiac, diabetic, etc. Come and discover our varied selection of products and get the day off to a flying start!

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