Celebrate your wedding whith Vincci

Getting married is a very important decision but choosing the proper place is still more important.

From the time you take the decision you will spend a lot of time searching the best place.

Every couple must overcome this real test with a bit of patience and sense of humor.

But celebrating your marriage should not become a nightmare. Is a very important thing to get right choosing the right place and rely on a professional staff. This way you will save time, money and avoid headaches.

In Vincci Hotels we know how important is to celebrate your wedding, we have the experience of preparing thousands of weddings and events. Everything is made with one purpose: prepare the perfect wedding.

Some characteristics of a wedding with Vincci Hotels:

– You will have the possibility of checking how the wedding hall will be prepared before the wedding date.

– You will be able to enjoy the wedding menu accompanied by 2 people (for wedding with a maximum of 80 people),by  4 people (weddings between 80 and 120 guests) and by 6 people (for up to 120 guests weddings).

– Do you need any folk group, children shows and entertainers, hairdressing service? Remember: we prepare YOUR WEDDING

– You will have at you disposition a superior room whit special attentions, a cold dinner and a delicious breakfast for the next morning.

– Special room rates for the wedding guests.

– As a present, you will enjoy your first anniversary at our hotel with a romantic dinner and a special breakfast to remember your wedding date.

And the best of everything:

Free Honeymoon trip! You will enjoy one free stay at one of our more than 30 hotels in Spain, Portugal and Tunisia.

Celebrate your wedding with us! Success is guaranteed!

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