Bullfighting and Flamenco merge at Vincci La Rábida 4* Hotel

Four Andalusian designers will showcase their latest collections at the Vincci La Rábida 4* hotel, on March 14.

Flamenco-inspired fashion keeps gaining prestige in international fashion shows, and now will be showcased Sevilla, in a hotel made famous by hosting bullfighting stars. Andalusia has always been on the vanguard of fashion, being an international reference of Spanish culture. On Friday, March 14, Vincci La Rábida 4* hotel will be hosting a prívate Flamenco fashion show that will be attended by the most prominent Sevillian celebrities.

Invitacion desfile moda flamenca

No Fashion lover would want to miss this event. The show will include a plethora of details and homages to Bullfighting and Flamenco. Flamenco music will be an essential part of the show, carefully selected to complement and enhance the visson of each of the four young designers and their collections.

In order to make Flamenco fashion more accessible and recognized, Vincci la Rábida 4* Hotel in Seville will open its doors to designers María Molina, Alba Navarro, Francisco Serrano y Sofía Rivera in order to showcase their collections, permeating the hotel’s halls with the full Andalusian flavour.

The event will take place at El Patio Restaurant, starting at 20.30h. After the show, attendees will enjoy a glass of wine – the perfect ending for an evening full of Andalusian art.

The Designers
Alba Navarro – Only 21 years old, this Jerez-born designer has already developed her own collections, full of character and artistry. “El lienzo de la Verónica” gets inspiration from Zurbarán’s paintings, using clean and smooth lines,with no unnecessary flourishes.

Its elegance, movement and femininity are noteworthy, being able to reinterpret the most traditional Flamenco elements without losing their essence.


Francisco Serrano – Under the ‘GITANO’ firm, this Sevillian designer express his talent through inspiring Flamenco dresses. He has just introduced his “Flores en el aire” line, symbolizing the coming of spring. Flowers and nature are the main theme of this collection that focuses in elegance, quality and innovation. For the first time, a designer utilizes “eva gum” for the creation of this kind of clothes, mixing it with other more traditional fabrics and a chromatic palette with a predomination of coral, black and yellow colours.

Flores en el aire GitanoPhoto: Flores en el aire –  ‘Gitano’

María Molina – This young designer from Antequera has already achieved international recognition. She has created her own firm, focussed in quality and skill, where every dress is unique. Clothes are tailored with maximum care, paying special attention to fine details, ensuring the perfect harmony between the dress and its owner. Her “Flamencas de Santa Cruz” collection exemplifies this philosophy, inspired by a woman who enjoys life and transmits that feeling to all around her. Her offering is full of the joy and elegance found in Flamenco’s character.

Maria MolinaPhoto: “Flamencas de Santa Cruz” – María Molina

Sofía Rivera – Influenced by her experience and passion for Flamenco, this young designer from Écija decided to enter the fashion world as a tribute to her mother –whose name inspired the firm founded in 2009, Carmelina Campuzano. Her collection, “La pasión por sentir”, reflects her own personality and place within Andalusian fashion. Inspired by Bullfighting, her designs are full of feminine shapes and tight waists, paying special attention to the skirt’s flow. The colour palette used in this collection includes red, black and beige, with other, more vibrant, shades of green or coral. Sofia Rivera’s clothes are designed for modern, passionate women.

Sofía Rivera Pasión por sentir


Flamenco Fashion Show
Date: March 14, 2014
Time: 20.30h
Place: Vincci La Rábida 4*, Los Patios Restaurant
Address: Castelar 24, 44001 Sevilla




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