Bellini Food&Bar explores the art of baking for Madrid Hotel Week

The restaurant at Vincci Centrum 4* will be holding, on 7 and 9 November, cookie and muffin cooking classes as part of the first Madrid Hotel Week, organised by AEHM. If you sign up for the classes you’ll learn all the secrets you need to bake these delicious treats, directly from our hotel’s chef.

Vincci Hoteles is taking part in Madrid Hotel Week (3-12 November), organised by AEHM (the Corporate Association for Hotels in Madrid) with our “Bellini Cooking Experience”, to be held at Bellini Food&Bar, the restaurant at Vincci Centrum 4* (Calle de Cedaceros 4, Madrid), on 7 and 9 November at 18:00.

The Bellini Cooking Experience is a cooking class, in which the restaurant’s resident chef will share their knowledge of baking cookies and muffins, demonstrating the various techniques and options available when cooking these delicious treats. What’s more, the session will showcase the easily available and highly affordable kitchenware available to bake them. If you sign up for the classes, you’ll learn how to make a basic biscuit mix, along with kneading and mixing techniques in a fun, easy to learn manner. Once they’re baked, you’ll also discover everything about glazing them, along with the various types of decorations you can choose from. And if you dare to take on the role of the chef’s assistant, you’ll have the chance, with the help of the teacher, of becoming a five-star pastry chef!

The cooking classes last two hours, with space for a maximum of six people. The price is 35 euros per person and places are limited. Book now at or call 913 60 47 20.

What’s more, during Madrid Hotel Week, from 3 to 12 November, and to celebrate the event, Bellini Food&Bar will offer a 15% discount on food in the bar and restaurant.

Bellini Food&Bar and Madrid Hotel Week

The principal aim of Madrid Hotel Week is to open the doors of the region’s hotels to the public, to make people aware of the wide range of experiences they offer, above and beyond being simply places to stay. The ‘Bellini Cooking Experience’ is one of the activities regularly organised at the hotel, upon reservation. Exquisitely decorated by Beatriz Silveira, who was inspired by the glamour of the 50s and the use of natural elements found in Scandinavian design, the restaurant at the Vincci Centrum 4*, Bellini Food&Bar, is a delightful spot in the heart of Madrid to enjoy time with friends while savouring its offering of food and drink. White and neutral tones dominate the walls, floors and ceiling of the hotel lounge as well as the other public areas, giving a greater sensation of space. The fine materials, such as Aristea marble, denote luxury and sophistication, while the use of natural oak contrasts perfectly with the brass, giving this four-star hotel a rich personality.

The gastronomic offering at Bellini Food&Bar has been created by chef Carolina Damm. The menu offers seasonal produce and is inspired by traditional recipes, interpreted audaciously. It also has an original cocktail menu, designed exclusively just for Bellini Food&Bar.

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