At Vincci Hoteles we’re committed to sustainable transport: “Bicycles aren’t just for summer”

True to our commitment to socially aware, environmentally friendly tourism, at Vincci Hoteles we’ve increased our bike rental service, both standard and electric, to include 50% of our hotels. In doing so, we offer our guests a different experience, recommending bike routes and bike lanes as well as services such as our “picnic-box”, all so you can enjoy your trip while reducing CO2 emissions and encouraging sustainable transport.

Today is “In town, without my car!” day, a European wide initiative held every year as part of European Mobility Week, aimed at raising awareness of the negative consequences, both for public health and the environment, of an excessive use of cars in the city. At the same time, it aims to promote the benefits of using more sustainable ways of getting about, such as public transport, bicycles or walking.

For that reason, and in line with our commitment to caring for our social environment and the places where our hotels are located, at Vincci Hoteles we are promoting sustainable transport, and in particular a simple, environmentally friendly, quiet, light means of getting around: the bicycle. That’s why 50% of our hotels now offer bike rental, with both standard and electric models available.

It’s a service we offer to guests both for their leisure time and for those who need to travel short distances for business. So both our urban and holiday hotels offer this option, and at most of them you can easily pick your bicycle up in the hotel’s own parking area, with no need to go anywhere else.

And if you choose to use this service, you’ll find information in the hotel about bike lanes to get about the location and bike routes you can enjoy. And if you’re someone who likes to spend the day outdoors while you cycle about your destination, we also offer “Picnic-Box”, to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

Committed to society and the environment

This program is just one of those we run as part of a series of commitments to society and the environment. Because, since the creation of Vincci Hoteles in 2001, we’ve focused on actions which are now included in our Master Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility 2016-2018, which applies to both hotels and our offices. Under the plan, we take stock of the objectives we’ve met up to now, at the same time as we set out our new goals for the coming years.

With this current plan we link our mission and vision, based on three pillars: social, environmental and health related, with our priorities being continuous improvement, resource optimisation, lowering consumption, reduction and management of waste, as well as respect and protection for the cultural and social environment of all our properties, both hotels and central offices.

The various practices we’ve put in place in these areas can be consulted on our corporate website Vincci Hoteles: Sustainable and Responsible. There, we set out our social and environmental commitments, and the work we’ve done, which was recognised in 2016 by the Spanish Minister for Industry, with the presentation of the Medal for Merit in Tourism, in the category of Sustainability and Quality, to the President of Vincci Hoteles, Rufino Calero Cuevas.

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