And if the world ends in December? Essential places to go before that happens

Are you one of those who believe the world is going to end this year?  A lot of people believe this. And, according to different theories, the Mayan calender and writings establish that everything will come to an end the 22nd of December.

We don’t know if this is true or not but, considering the possibility, we in Vincci Hotels would like to suggest three destinations you don’t want to skip out on before the end of the year… just in case

If you’re starting to get tired of winter and feel like remembering the days of sun, warmth and beach, we think you should getaway to Tunisia or Tenerife.

Located north of the African coast and bathed in the Mediterranean, Tunisia is one of the hot spots for doing just about anything: excellent beaches, good food and a culture different from that of the west. Enjoy all of it in any one of our six establishments in the country, located in Hammamet and Djerba. Relaxation is assured, because in all of them you’ll find our fantastic Nammu Area Spa thermal centers, as well as the beach and amazing pools.

Tenerife, with its incredible beaches, warm climate and breathtaking nature, is very close to our idea of Eden. It’s, without a doubt, a perfect destination to get the most out of the good weather, forget that it’s  winter here now and find the tranquility you’re looking for. On the island you’ve got available three Vincci establishments, so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

On the Costa Adeje, in the south, you’ll find the Vincci Selección La Plantación del Sur 5* Lujo with the best views of the sea in the area. In the northwest, next to the Teno mountains, you´ve got the Vincci Selección Buenavista Golf&Spa5* Lujo, also with unrivaled views and surrounded as well by the Buenavista golf course, so it’s idea if you’re a fan of this sport. Perfect also for golf fanatics is the Vincci Tenerife Golf 4*, located 1000 meters from the Golf del Sur golf course, with which the hotel has special agreements and discounts.

“From Madrid to heaven and a hole to see it”. This phrase, coined by Carlos III, he used to define Madrid, a city that offers several reasons to visit: its history, museums, free spirit, wide variety of gastronomy, shops and its impressive shows. No excuse not to see it before the year ends!

There’s no better way to get to know this metropolis that to do it from any of our centrally located hotels in the capital: Vincci Capitol 4* and Vincci Via 66 4*, in the heart of Gran Via; Vincci Centrum 4* and Vincci Soho 4*, between Puerta del Sol and the Art Triangle; and the Vincci Soma 4* in the Barrio de Salamanca and very near to the Retiro park.

These are our ideas of how to say goodbye to 2012. Whether the world ends or not, don’t finish the year without seeing them. We’ll be waiting for you!

Remember, as always, to check out beforehand our promotions to travel at a better price.

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