An artsy fair at the Vincci La Rábida 4* hotel

Hotel Vincci La Rábida 4* Sevilla
The bullfighting hotel Vincci La Rábida 4* in Seville gathers 3 spanish artists sharing a common purpose: their appreciation for bullfighting.
Gastronomy lovers will enjoy a traditional Spanish menu, from May 1 to May 11, designed by the famous master chef Manuel Suárez.

Seville is eagerly anticipating April Fair. We are only a few days away of starting the world-famous festivity and the city is ready for it. Gastronomy, bullfighting shows, and art gain more importance than ever. Seville increases its natural beauty and charm, making its inhabitants and the thousands of visitors attending the fair feel welcome.

The Vincci La Rábida 4* Hotel is ready for this celebration with an agenda full of activities where art will be the main protagonist. The common areas of the hotel will be dedicated to showcase the works of two Andalusian Artists: Laurent Pallatier “Loren”  and Alicia Sánchez. Guests and visitors alike can enjoy this free art exhibition.

Hotel Vincci La Rabida Sevilla

In order to regain strength, the restaurant-terrace El Mirador de Sevilla is open, with a new tasting menu, “Traditional Spanish Dishes”, designed specifically for this festivity by Alberto Garrido, the restaurant’s chef, in collaboration with the famous chef Manuel Suárez. A really tasty proposition that cuisine lovers will appreciate.

The events calendar is as follows:

Andalusian Painters Exhibition
Antonio Donaire has chosen, once again, the Vincci La Rábida Hotel for his collective “Andalusian Painters” exhibition, featuring 20 paintings themed around Andalusian culture, bullfighting and April Fair. Some good examples of this exhibition are the painting “Manolete” by Paco Borrás, “Seville at Dusk” by Martín Iglesias or “El Alcazar” by Paco Broca. The exhibition can be visited in this hotel until from May 1 to June 11.

“Loren” Exhibition, by Laurent Pallatier

A versatile artist, French in origin and Andalusian by choice. Loren will exhibit eight of his more representative paintings at the Vincci La Rábida 4* Hotel from May 1 to June 11, focusing on the plastic language surrounding the bullfighting world.

Loren Toreografía exhibition


Alicia Sánchez Exhibition


The art of sculptress Alicia Sánchez will be showcased in the Vincci La Rábida 4* Hotel from May 1 to June 1. Visitors will appreciate the quality of the “Va por ustedes” woodcarvings collection, including nine sculptures. Each sculpture is unique, having been created with recycled materials of diverse precedence, selected for their sentimental significance and adding its own personality to the piece.

Traditional Spanish Dishes” tasting menú, by Manuel Suárez y Alberto Garrido.
While enjoyin April Fair, it is compulsory to stop and enjoy Andalusian gastronomy. To that effect, Vincci La Rábida Hotel has prepared the “Spanish Traditional Dishes” tasting menu. An initiative that has incorporated Manuel Suárez expert advice –Suárez earned his fame working as chef in the internationally famous Burladero de Sevilla restaurant.

Degustacion menu Vincci La Rabida

Manuel Suárez and Alberto Garrido, chef of El Mirador restaurant, have worked together in order to design a tasting menu that will satisfy the more demanding gourmet. The menu features the more traditional Spanish dishes, adding Suárez’s personal touch. It is a modern approach, adding new textures and flavours, to the traditional Spanish cuisine.

The tasting menú will only be available for the duration of the fair, priced €50 (drinks not included), adding to the new El Mirador menu for this season. Two excellent options for discovering Seville’s gastronomy.

And from May 1 to May 11, the hotel’s Andalusian courtyard will organize the Tío Pepe hour, running from 12.30h to 13.30h, where you can enjoy some of the wines produced by this brand, inviting our clients to a tasty tapa to accompany it. The perfect break from the hectic Fair agenda.

Calendario Feria de Abril hotel Vincci La Rabida 4


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