Amenities: the importance of detail.

A new expectation is generated each time a person arrives to a hotel and opens the room door.
Even regular guests may be surprised, rooms from the same hotel can change at least in relation to distribution and space.
Whether guests are regular or new each detail counts when evaluating the room.
Products as amenities and toiletries are very important at this point. The difference between both is very simple: toiletries are those accessories for personal hygiene and are located mainly in the bathroom.
Amenities are the rest of ítems that you will find in the room as: pens, paper, matches,…Though usually people tend to use the word amenities in general.
Vincci Hotels know how to take care of its guests, that is the reason for selecting the best amenities.
Vincci Hotels offer amenities of the prestigious brand Loewe for the guests who stay at suites or junior suites.

Everything is thought to achieve one purpose: “make your stay perfect”.
If you are looking for a hotel that pay attention to every detail choose Vincci Hotels
Have a look at our hotels now:

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