14 years of VINCCI: 14 years of love for hotels


At VINCCI time isn’t measured in minutes or seconds. Because, depending on your perspective, 14 years could be an age or no time at all. Looking at it in terms of success, growth and business values, these 14 years are nothing but the start of a project which should continuously be able to reach more people, more destinations and more market sectors. But looking at those 14 years from a human and emotional point of view, every day has been a complete adventure, which taken together have led to the creation of the extended Vincci family.

So, as the company draws breath to blow out the candles and celebrate its 14th anniversary, VINCCI looks back on the time passed with great satisfaction, but also as a challenge, because it still has many goals to achieve.

Founded in 2001 by the Calero family, VINCCI was created as a project based on the foundations of wide experience in the hotel sector (now more than 50 years), achieving, in a short space of time, a leading position, fast expansion and rapid development both in Spain and internationally; highlighted by its move into the Portuguese and Tunisian markets, where its international expansion began. In the coming years the chain faces the challenge of opening in new destinations, to further complete, were that possible, the company’s portfolio. In particular, in the next two years, Vincci will open five new hotels, to give the chain the landmark number of 40 hotels.

The chain currently has 37 hotels: 29 in Spain, 6 in Tunisia and 2 in Portugal. Every hotel, a unique character. A business model that hasn’t changed a jot since its inception, and a clear focus: to make every guest’s stay a complete experience.

Hotel en Madrid Vincci Capitol

The philosophy of VINCCI is based on meeting the tastes and requirements of every one of its guests, personalising their stay, offering them exclusivity and the highest quality service: being able, moreover to surprise them with innovative design, unique to each hotel project.

A business model that was, without doubt, pioneering when it was created. While other companies at the end of the 80s and the start of the 90s were focused on homogenising their hotels –both in services and design- Vincci understood the modern traveller and applied that knowledge to a new business model. “We know every guest is different, as is every reason for travelling. Our hotels, and the services each one offers, are just as diverse. We created VINCCI with the desire to be unique and to position ourselves in the sector with a concept that didn’t exist at that time: a chain specialising in 4 and 5 star hotels, each with their own character”, says Carlos Calero, CEO and General Manager of the company. “The same guest can feel equally comfortable in one of our urban hotels if they are travelling on business (located right in the heart of the city, in emblematic buildings, well communicated and surrounded by an incredible amount of leisure activities), as in one of our holiday hotels (always located in privileged areas, with the best sea-views and a never-ending list of additional services to round off their stay and make it special) if they are looking for leisure and relaxation”, continues Calero.

Carlos Calero General Director Vincci Hoteles

Another of the fundamental pillars in the success of VINCCI over these years has been, without a shadow of a doubt, the human element. The chain looks to internal promotion as a fundamental source of recruitment and selection, which is why it isn’t hard to find hotel directors that in their day started in reception, or kitchen hands who ended up as chefs in some of the chain’s flagship restaurants.

“Just as in any company we’re looking to grow, but not at any price. Since our beginnings we were clear that our company should give something back to society and to the environment with each of our projects”, says the CEO of the company. On that basis, VINCCI follows a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan and a Quality and Environment Policy for every hotel. “The surroundings and unique features of each hotel made us aware of the need to create our own Environmental Management System, which includes a commitment to continuous improvement and the prevention of pollution, together with compliance with the legislation and environmental regulations applicable in each location”.

ecoliderestripadvisorVincci Selección Buenavista Golf&Spa 5* Tenerife

“A hotel is a living space, and that is how we envisage it. Our guests trust us at important times in their lives: resting before an important work meeting, holidays that they’ve been planning for a whole year, an important family get-together, their wedding… we have to make them feel special and we work hard every day to ensure that their stay in one of our hotels inspires them and becomes something more – a unique experience they’ll never forget”. That’s why, in addition to accommodation, VINCCI offers a complete range of additional services, like a wide selection of restaurants with contemporary cuisine, with each basing its menu on local produce; additional services focused on well-being, creating relaxing SPAs and exclusive areas to organise the most special events, and always in hotels located in inspiring urban or natural landscapes.

In short, “each of our guests is our reason to exist. We’ve worked and evolved to understand and adapt to the new requirements of the sector. We continue to reinvent ourselves everyday. At VINCCI we know there is still much to do, new destinations to reach and, no doubt about it, we are looking to the future with positivity and enthusiasm”, says Calero.

Come. Surprise yourself. Discover more than 35 four and five star hotels where every experience is unique. Open your eyes. Come on in. Enjoy the most privileged locations. Look. Touch. Feel the design and a style that can be appreciated in every detail. Unwind. Relax. Let yourself be pampered by a service where you are the centre of attention. Dream. Smile. Live. You’re in a Vincci.





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