13 Years Together

Today, Saturday 8th of March, Vincci Hotels becomes 13 years old. Or maybe we should say 12+1? No, better to say it proudly: 13 years. We are not superstitious people.

And they have been 13 wonderful years, full of illusion and achievements, of maturity and growth. Over this time, our customers have left odds and ends of their lives with us. A child holding a teddy bear in his arms, sleeping on a hammock by the pool; a couple walking holding hands by the beach; a business man enjoying sunset with a glass of champagne; or a group of senior ladies relaxing in our Tunisian Hammam. All those moments of happiness are now part of Vincci Hotels’ memories.

And that’s why we want to thank you today. Thanks for choosing us for your leisure moments and for your business events. Thank you for letting us take care and treat you. 13 years ago, we believed in the idea of a hotel company where every single hotel owned was a unique pearl.

To that end, we designed our new hotels and renewed historic buildings in order to breathe personality into them according to their locations –fresh and joyful in Andalusia; charming and exotic in Tunisia; appealing and exquisite in Lisbon; avant-garde, elegant and modern in Barcelona, urbanite and classic in Madrid… We have employed the best architects and designers, integrating sustainability into every detail. We have covered every wall with art, every saloon with gastronomy, every corner with charm, culture, tradition, modernism.

Today we take a look back and feel satisfied with our progress. We aimed for quality, elegance, closeness and charm and we achieved all those goals.

But above it all, we wanted to welcome you into our hotels. We wanted to attract couples, business people, groups of friends and lone travellers. To all of you, thank you once again. Without you, all our achievements would be for nothing.

This is only the beginning. We still have a long road to walk, always aiming to improve. And we will, because you are there to remind us that we need to give our best. Let’s walk this road together. Viaja. Vive. Vincci.



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