10000 facebook likes and close to 19000 social media friends. Thank you for being part of the Vincci World

Some years ago, Vincci Hotels understood the necessity of being close to their audiences, wherever those might be. Social Media networks have become an extension of our everyday routine since then, a privileged space where to meet with you. People use Social Media channels for information, sharing experiences, opinions and staying in touch with people and brands they care for.

These days, we are celebrating we have reached the 10.000 Facebook ‘likes’ landmark. That is why we want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU. Thank you for trusting in Vincci Hotels. Thank you for letting us being a little closer to you. Thank you for making us part of your life’s experiences and being interested in what we have shared.

As a reward to your fidelity, we are offering an up to 10% discount in all the Vincci hotels reservations made in April. This promotion is available exclusively through our web.

The objective of our Social Media channels us to have a conversation with you in order to understand your preferences and needs. We strive to keep you informed and cared for, offering contest, promotions and themes that can be of real interest to you but, above it all, our aim is to listen to you.

Vincci Hoteles is presnt Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Intsgram y Pinterest. We add up over 18.700 users through all our Social Media channels, and that means a lot to us. Every day, we share fresh, high quality content with you in our blog, aimed to all the people who enjoy travelling, knowing new cultures and destinations and discovering charming, characterfull hotels. We also make an special effort in letting you know about our compromise with the environment and sustainability, and our CSR programs.

We love it when you share pictures of your stays in our hotels, and read every commentary you publish saying how much fun you had! We also receive criticism humbly, appreciating it as a way to improve ourselves.

Again, thank you for being part of our community.



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