Are you already thinking about Christmas Eve’s meal? Then here we bring you a recipe with which you can surprise all of your guests. Piglet with fruit in red wine and sobrasada (Majorcan sausage) sauce and honey. You can find it in the Circle of Friends of Malaga Cuisine Cookbook and in our Vincci Selección Posada del Patío 5* in Malaga.  Enjoy!

Piglet with fruit in red wine and sobrasada (Majorcan sausage) sauce and honey


4,5 kg piglet

100 gr. honey

200 gr. sobrasada (Majorcan sausage)

One apple

One pear

100 gr. dried apricots

100 gr. prunes



380 gr. Málaga wine


100 gr. of sugar


Slowly cook the piglet in oil, at a low heat, until the meat is firm. Remove the oil and flakes of meat, trying not to break the skin. Salt and pepper the meat and place it in a pan, covering it with the skin.  Let it rest with a weight on top for one day.

For the sauce, mix the sobrasada with the honey over a bit of heat.

The Autumn mixture is made from the dried fruits, the apple and the pear chopped in sliced in wedges.  Begin by boiling the water with the sugar in one pan and add the Malaga wine  heated in a separate pan, once the alcohol has evaporated. To this mixture add the fruit and the dried fruits and let it cook for five minutes,

And now it’s ready to serve. Enjoy!

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