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Vincci only offers 4- and 5-star hotels in Hammamet

Vincci Flora Park

Zone Touristique Yasmine Hammamet, Hammamet, Tunisia
T. (+216) 72 244 727

Hotel on one of the best beaches,  with a relaxation spa and Arabian charm.

Vincci Taj Sultan

B.P. 253 Yasmine Hammamet, 8050 Hammamet
T. (+216) 72 240 290

A five-star paradise of fun, comfort and relaxation on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Vincci Lella Baya

Zone Touristique Yasmine Hammamet, 8058 Hamammet
T. (+216) 72 240 888

All the latest comforts  in one of the best hotels in Tunisia near the stunning turquoise beaches.

Vincci Nozha Beach & Spa

Route touristique Hammamet Nord
T. (+216) 72 322 663

A dream location on the Mediterranean for "everything included" for families or couples.

About Hammamet

About Hammamet

The jasmine flowers that cover the whole city are from the time of the ancient traveller to the city from Al Andalus. So abundant in fact,that the travellers bringing this species of plant (not native to the area)from Spain to Tunisia changed the name of the city to Jasmine Hammamet. In this colourful city you’ll find handcrafted artefacts and a multitude of shops.

Other than shops and jasmine of course you’ll discover why this area is known as the “Tunisian Saint Tropez” a tourist haven with it’s beautiful beaches, white sands and fantastic offering for sports fans with some fantastic golf courses, 2 of which are known to be of the best in the world. Where else can the golf enthusiast work on their handicap amongst white sand dunes and feet away from the lapping Mediterranean?

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You can also enjoy a vibrant nightlife with it’s morrocan influences also to be found in the Tunisian cuisine, where you’ll get the best of both worlds with fish and pasta just as at home on the dinner table as couscous.


Around since the 15th century, the medina of Mahummet is small but enchanting. The walls surrounding the tiny blue painted alleyways and ancient street markets give you a sense of the history of the area. You can enjoy beautiful sunsets from many corners of the city including the famous café Sisi Boujdid. Inside the walls of the city you can also find the 15th century mosque, right behind this is another mosque, the Sidi Abd el Kador with its impressive decorated dome.

Inside the old barracks, you’ll find yourself travelling through its many arched ceiling passageways and if you climb the tower you get a spectacular view of the port and the fishermens’ white houses surrounding it.

Situated in on the coast, in the middle of a huge park you’ll find this old villa which was once the property George Sebastian, director of the royal orchestra of France. The palace has seen various visitors such as Andre Gide, Oscar Wilde, Flaubert, Winston Churchill and Sofia Loren to name but a few. Rebuilt by the government in 1964 as a greek-roman palace, later only to be named the International Culture Centre. Every summer it is the venue of the Hammamet international festival.

  • Opening times: Mon, Wed and Friday from 1000 to 1200 and 1500 to 1700
  • Admission:0.75€

Other places not to be missed on a visit to Hammamet are the Kubba Sidi Yussef library, the Mausoleo Sidi Bou Ali a museum of traditional Tunisian dress and the Zoco cultural and traditional meeting point besides being a great place to do some shopping, make sure to be on your toes when the time comes to haggle for prices.

Other points of interest.

The Karthago Land theme park near the Yasmine Hammamet media is an ideal place for a family day out. There you can discover the ancient ways of Tunisia by interacting in various activities.

Gran Casino Hammamet
Black Jack, Poker, roulette wheels and so on…everything you need to enjoy a night at the table and try your hand at winning a fortune at the Jasmine Hammamet Resort.