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Hotel La Rábida

c/ Castelar 24, 41001 Sevilla
T. +34 954 501 280

Palacial hotel near the cathedral and the bullring. It has two restaurants and a large terrace.

About Sevilla

About Sevilla

Sevillas’ awaits the visitor with an array of delights on offer, most of which, due to its people, its architecture, it’s peculiar neighbourhoods and the many cultures that have passed through in its history make for an unforgettable experience. All of these treasures and many more can be found right here sitting at the foot of the Guadalquivir hills.

With so much on offer its not difficult to understand that the natives to the city want to be involved also and that’s what you’ll find out when you take a walk through its busy streets and see that the locals enjoy this city just as much as you will. With all its coming and goings, monuments, museums, expositions and shows they have no reason to leave all the pleasure to the tourists.

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Sevilla like many other Spanish cities is home to the “tapas” and if you don’t take advantage of this you won’t truly have visited. The “must tastes’” on the list include, “pincho de iberico con aciete de oliva” ( cured Spanish meat with olive oil), “puntillitas” or “mojama” (smoked fish) not to mention some fantastic wines are all stuff that culinary dreams are made of.

Having said all of this, the real soul of Sevilla, lies in its’ neighbourhoods. Triana, is just one of these, originally home to ceramic workers and fishermen, also home to the bull ring “Maestranza” is probably the most well known. Slim alleyways and streets, and small squares are all too common in the Macarena and San Bernardo neighbourhoods. And from one of the well-known areas, Santa Cruz, you can make your way to the Jewish quarter.


This building illustrates perfectly the mix of cultures that have evolved in the city. The bell tower of the cathedral was once the old mosque of the city, curiously the tower instead of having steps to reach the summit is made up of 35 rams which where used at one point by the Sultan to ride his horse to the top to enjoy the incredible view.

  • Address: Plaza Virgen de los Reyes.
  • Opening times: Monday to Saturday 1100 till 1700. Sundays and public holidays 1430 till 1800
  • Admission fee: 7.50€

This is the 3rd largest cathedral in the world after the , Saint Peter in the Vatican city and Saint Paul’s in London. To enjoy this building you have got to see it all, from the orange grove patio, all of its five impressive halls and its main worship hall wth its extraordinary main dome.

  • Address: Avenida de la Constitucion, 13
  • Opening times: September to June, Monday to Saturday from 1100 till 1700, Sundays and public holidays 1430 till 1800. July to August, Monday to Saturday 0930 till 1530, Sunday and public holidays 1430 till 1800
  • Admission fee: 7.50€

Built in 1221 as the defence tower of the city to stop  invasion to the cities port, it has been designed and built on various ways. Its made up of three main structures the first of which being the interior, dodecagonal, the second or intermediate, hexagonal, and the outer structure circular only built after the building was damaged due to the Lisbon earthquake in 1755. Today it’s a Naval museum.

  • Address: Paseo de Colon
  • Opening times: Tuesday to Friday, 1000 till 1400, Sundays and public holidays from 1100 till 1400
  • Admission fee:4€ Tuesdays free.

Declared a world heritage site, this marvel was originally built by the Arabs, made up of various buildings from a wide range of different eras along with its unforgettable gardens make this an immiscible stop for the visitor to the city of Sevilla. The orange groves, palm trees and terraces here are a joy to the senses.

  • Address: Patio de Banderas
  • Opening times: April to September from Tuesday to Saturday 0930 till 1900.Sunday s and public holidays 0930 till 1700. From October to March Saturdays 0930 till 1730 Sundays and public holidays 0930 till 1330
  • Admission fee: 7€

The square built for the Iberoamerican Exposition in 1929 by a local by the name of Anibal Gonzalez, is a representation of history.200 metres in diameter it is one of the most spectacular architectural pieces in all of Andalucia. The semicircular “square” was constructed using the traditional materials such as ceramic and marble.


Gran Casino Aljarafe
Ten minutes from the city try your luck at black jack, roulette on this 7000 square metre complex. With a range of restaurants and bars on offer you can enjoy a whole evening here.

Isla Magica
A modern day theme park built to commemorate the discovery of America. Don’t  be surprised to find some amazing rides and attractions, along with some great shows and some really talented street artists.

  • Address: Isla de la Cartuja
  • Opening times: April to November