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The Hotel Vincci Bit located in the Diagonal Mar, near the CCIB convention center next to Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre; is one of the best hotels in Barcelona, Spain, where the modern art also has its place, since the hallways of each floor have been decorated with graffiti murals by nationally and internationally recognized illustrators and designers.

In the basement, the work of the photographer Mathias Martín is on display, while on the ground floor, guests may enjoy works by the Russian design studio Dopludo Collective, and on the first floor, a complex mural by the architct and illustrator Mister Mourau.

A series of distinguished artists created the décor of the hallways of the remain floors including: the designer and illustrator Alex Trochut and the visual artist Aleix Gordo, both Catalan, the American artist Matthew Moore, the famous illustrator of Italian origin Lorenzo Petrantoni, the Japonese illustrator, Yoshi Sislay, who resides in Barcelona, along with Cristian Gastaldi and the illustration studio Brosmind.

Ground floor - Vincci Bit
Ground floorMarta Cerdá and Yoshi Sislay
First floor - Vincci Bit
First floorVasco Mourão
Second floor - Vincci Bit
Second floorAlex Trochut
Third Floor - Vincci Bit 4*
Third FloorAleix Gordó
Fourth floor - Vincci Bit
Fourth floorMatt W. Moore
Fifth Floor - Vincci Bit 4*
Fifth FloorBrosmind - Juan and Alejandro Mingarro
Sixth floor - Vincci Bit
Sixth floorLorenzo Petrantoni
Seventh Floor - Vincci Bit 4*
Seventh FloorYoshi Sislay


Hopen Restaurant

Hopen Restaurant - Vincci Bit 4*

À la carte restaurant, where guests will enjoy avant-garde cuisine, as would be expected in this space, with a pleasant terrace for warm days.


Plunge pool

Plunge pool - Vincci Bit 4*

Within our hotels in Barcelona, the Vincci Bit hotel has a plunge pool​ on the eighth-floor terrace, where guests will enjoy relaxing in the sun. Open only in season.


Function Rooms

Function Rooms - Vincci Bit 4*

If a unique event is what you are looking for, dare to choose something different. At Vincci Bit, we have a variety of options to ensure that all of your requirements are met.


Vincci Bit 4*
C/ Josep Plà, 69 08019, Barcelona
United States
41° 24' 42.2532" N, 2° 12' 42.5952" E
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Front - Vincci Bit 4*
Front - Vincci Bit 4*
Front - Vincci Bit 4*
Front - Vincci Bit 4*
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Indoor-Vincci Bit
Indoor-Vincci Bit
Indoor-Vincci Bit
Indoor-Vincci Bit
Floor 1-Vincci Bit
Floor 2-Vincci Bit
Floor 3-Vincci Bit
Floor 4-Vincci Bit
Floor 5-Vincci Bit
Floor 6-Vincci Bit
Floor 7-Vincci Bit
Ground Floor -Vincci Bit
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Nombre: Vincci Bit
Grupo: Grupo Hoteles
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Modalidad: Hotel
RTC: HB-004482