Enjoy April Fair with Vincci

April Fair 2013 / Picture: feriadesevilla.andalunet.com

Andalusian women would have to wait until May for wearing their Flamenco dresses and flowers in their hear in the anticipated April Fair. Over 1.000 booths and thousands of visitors will get together in the famous fairground, from 6 to 11 of May.

The traditional horse ride is one of the most breathtaking events taking place during April Fair. Magnificent horses, beautiful chariots parade for everybody to admire. Bullfighting is also protagonist, with star bullfighters gathering at Real Maestranza de Caballería, cradle of the greatest bullfighters in the world.

And, of course, you cannot miss the dancing and ‘rebujitos’; an ice, cider and lime soda beverage often served in plant pots. The best place to taste it is in one of the booths –most of them are private, but some are open to all-comers.

Vincci Hotels offers you the perfect place to rest after a day dancing Sevillanas: Vincci La Rábida 4* Hotel in Seville. Located in downtown Seville, it is within walking distance from La Maestranza and a few paces away from the Cathedral. From the terrace, you will be able to gaze the old city and enjoy the sun, and experience the Muslim heritage relaxing at the Andalusian courtyard.

Some advice for those who attend April Fair for the first time:

– A little history: Its origins are found in the XIX Century, as a crop and livestock fair.

– There are over 15 booths open to all comers, and the most popular is the one in front of the entrance. Ask for directions at the information points.

– Wear comfortable shoes, and be ready for getting dirty! The precinct is built over a golden sand base called albero (the same one used in Bullfighting plazas) and it gets everywhere.

– Don’t drive to the precinct, it will be impossible to park the car. Your best option is public transportation to Prado de San Sebastián.

– If you have a Flamenco dress, wear it. If you don’t, don’t worry; simple details as wearing a carnation on your hear, a foulard or big earrings would go a long way.

– The “Hell Street” is the avenue where fairground attractions for children are located. The name is due to the noise it generates. Before entering, agree on a meeting point in case someone gets lost.

– Don’t forget to try the rebujito, the fair’s signature drink.

– The fair starts with ‘el alumbrao’ (the lighting up of all the precinct lights) and ends with fireworks. You cannot miss them! The perfect place for watching the fireworks is Las Delicias pier.

– Get a map! The fair is over 1.000 square metres of very similar streets, and it is easy to get lost.




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