Beaches for winter


Almería’s beaches are famous for being the most beautiful in Spain. It has a great desert landscape, which is characteristic of this area and has starred many movies of the spaghetti western. For that reason, the urban pressure does not affect it as it does in other regions of the country.

There are many types of beaches : wild, fine sand, rocky,… but all of them have a lovely crystal water. Some of these beaches are very huge, like Playa de Cabo de Gata with its turquoise blue water. We can also find small coves that seem to come from a pirate movie.

Los Genoveses, Cala Chica, Cala Cristal, Mónsul, Playazo… the list is very long, and if you’re a restless traveler you can visit a different beach each day, but for sure you will find a beach where you will decide to stay longer.

If you love diving, in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata (biosphere reserve), you will find your paradise because it has 12.000 hectares of sea and more than 1.000 species of marine flora and fauna. Conditions for diving are optimal, water is warm and very luminous due to the brightness of the Almeria sun.

In the 63 km of the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata coast, there are the best seabeds of the spanish coast. It´s essential to remember the restrictions in order to preserve this paradise.

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