2012, a year full of good news

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We know that 2012 was a difficult year for many of you. A year of cuts, of moments of uncertainty, of economic difficulties and complications for many families… However, if we take a look back, we can also see that there were many positive things, moments of hope and solidarity and times full of magic that give us reasons to hope.

So in Vincci Hotels we think that there were still many reasons to smile and we wanted to make a compilation of what for us were without doubt the best news stories this year.

We continue being the leaders in transplants and organ donations

In spite of the crisis, Spaniards continue being leaders in transplants and organ donations, according to information from the National Organization of Transplants.  In 2011 in our country there were a total of 4,212 transplants and were 35.3 donations per million people. Without a doubt, numbers to be proud of.

Solidarity with families being evicted

In the middle of the drama of those being evicted we found hundreds of really emotional stories of support and solidarity.  For example, one about an anonymous person who spent the past month of November donating 8,000 euros to a family in Vigo that was going to be evicted from their home or the lawyer, who offered free consultation for those persons who wanted to lease their flats to families in the process of being evicted.

New treatments to cure diseases

Medical research continues to advance in the combat of diseases and save lives. lthough some of them or in an experimental phase, they are still encouraging news. ne of the most hopeful is the discovery by United State´s scientists of a molecule that forces cancerous cells to kill themselves, which could in the future provide a cure for cancer. We hope it will be so.

A police officer in New York buys boots for a homeless person

We were especially touched by the story of Larry DePrimo, a police officer in New York City who after seeing a barefoot homeless person during the night of the 14th of November decided to by them some boots and socks to help them get through the winter better. A small gesture that serves as an example of all those people who selflessly care for others.

Lowering of the greenhouse effect in Europe

Because taking care of the environment is essential, other news that we were happy to read in 2012 is that the emissions of greenhouse gases in the European Union has been reduced by 2.5 percent compared to 2011, according to the European Environmental Agency. We know that it is not enough and that we have to continue working to reduce it a lot more, but it gives us reasons to hope that we are on the right track.  Don´t you think?

So, as you can see, 2012 also gave us some good moments and moments of hope. These are just some of them.  If you know some more, we´d love for you tell us about them in the comments, where you can also tell us which of these stories you think was the best of the year. We hope that 2013 will bring a lot more stories like these.

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